Who We Are

Our salvation testimonies are ones we are so thankful for and we give our God all the glory and honor. We were false converts in man's modern denominational religion for many years. There was a time some years back that we felt a great stir in us to seek greater truth in God's Holy Word.  As we did, we began to see how sinful, worldly, carnal and in error we really were.  We were never taught the full truth by denominational religion and were far outside of God's Holy ways (Romans 3:23) and His truth, as we were practicing man's religious ways.  This deeply convicted us.

By the power of God's Grace and Spirit, we repented (Acts 2), were born again (John 3:3) and our feet were set on the narrow road to eternal life. (Matthew 7. ) As we became biblical Berean's (Acts 17) we saw through the many falsehoods and lies of the man made denominational religious systems that had fooled us for so long. Not long after seeing those in our denominational body totally rejected God's full truth, we left their error to seek God's true ways. Today we have and seek the true New Testament biblical church over man made religion that we see on every corner in America.  (We are not linked to any religious organization.)

Thankfully we are, by God's power, living as daily sacrifices for our worship (Romans 12:1) as we live out the true New Testament church ways.  We proclaim the gospel truth to the lost of the world as we call out to those still lost in man's religious false systems.   There is so much work to be done in Christ's name!

We are happy to communicate with you in anyway we can (phone, email, Skype or in person) to encourage you and help you in your spirit and truth life (John 4:24) serving the Risen Lord and King of Kings. It is not easy leaving behind all that you once knew (man made false religion) but the joy, freedom and peace of serving God in His fullness of truth is unmatched and it alone glories Him in the end. His true redeemed people are called to come out of error and lies (Revelation 22:14-15) and not practice them in pews or pulpits.

We encourage you to repent of vain traditions and seek all of His truth while you can. So many are lost in spiritual lies and error today and that is the reason for: www.dontperish.com

Please contact us if we can help you in anyway at all.

For His glory..... 

Jim and Debbie