Drive By Emailer Answered!

Here is another email I was sent giving me advice on how to witness. I thought I would share it and my reply for a teaching moment.

See my words/reply to him with ***** in red below his


From: Jacob
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2018 5:42 PM
Subject: Tips and hints
Hello dontperish,

As a Truth Seeker from central Missouri, I have a few tips and hints to share with you:

Do you street witness the gospel Jacob? If so where can I come and watch you do it so I could learn? What is your affiliation and lets discuss the gospel that leads to eternal life shall we? See it at our website and test yourself to it will you... and the 10 point test.

1. Respect for others is vital if you expect to win hearts. Engaging in shouting matches is unproductive and will just turn people away. Posting phone calls and emails on your website without permission is also rude and disrespectful of others. You are hindering yourselves by doing this. Calm, rational, and polite discussions are the most effective way to witness to others.

***We need to understand the different situations...
Many of my witnessing audios are calm and just discussions. We love others... its why we do what we do!
Others are a rebuking of false teachers or those who claim Christ but are teaching sin.
The Word says to rebuke them publically 1 tim 5
We need to be balanced.... and obey all of the Word.
The last witnessing was calm with the ministers till the Mennonite men showed up in my face and they elevated it up ....
but it came back to some good discussion too. Do you think Jesus was calm when he made a whip in John 2 or was Moses meek when he drove off the men in Exodus 2?

Also, put away the cameras while witnessing to others. It is a serious matter; recording it live on camera is not only unethical (unless you have their consent), but it cheapens whatever message you may have to share by reducing the whole interaction to a mere charade.

*****We dont use video... unless people get physical then it is wisdom for safety and documenting to use it. It is a dark world out there!
We do use audio as it is amazing how men LIE about what I say and the defame Gods truth over and over.
The audio keeps us all in check.... while audio was NOT avaialble by Paul... the Holy spirit does record in writing the rebuking of Peter in Gal 2 and many others for generations to read. If you have God's spirit you will comply to the Word of God as it is preaxched not hide in your sins.

Ask yourself - did Jesus ever engage in shouting matches with the Pharisees? Paul's custom was to reason with others, not interrupt and shout them down. I also cannot imagine Jesus or Paul filming the whole thing with a video camera.
*****We dont film it all ...but rarely.... as I said your making comments that are not true.
As for shouting... I do lift up my voice to preach. I rarely shout AT anyone! You cant see it on audio but often I am talking to three men while 10-20 are listening in from a distance and I want them all to hear. The bible / Jesus says to lift up your voice you know? In 99% of the times I am not yelling at anyone but raising my voice up to reach them all. ( I do rebuke mockers of false teacher sternly at times yes I do )

2. Empathize and seek to understand the other's viewpoint. Respect someone else's views even if you think they are wrong. If you treat others with respect, they will usually treat you and your message with respect. It will open more doors for you in the long run than being in-your-face and overly aggressive. And open doors is what you want, isn't it?

******I do respect others but I love them some... only mockers and false teachers get rebuked as I said...
I dont seek to do human mind science at all . We are not called to do that. We are called to preach the gospel and call men to repent. God deals with their hearts not me. God opens the hearts door. You sound really fleshly and human centered. I love all men that is why we go and preach in and out of season. 2 Tim 4:2
Keep in mind... Jesus and Paul were master evangelists and they were HATED and KILLED...hmmmm???
You dont read false teacher Rick Warren do you as he teaches your brand of human centered preaching.
We preach ... we pour out the truth and we let God do with as He sees fits. We dont try to make people made nor do we seek to soften the Word. It is a sword that cuts you know.... read Hebrews 4:12

Consider Paul's methods in Athens given to us in Acts 17. As he moved through the city, his spirit was stirred within him, and yet he did not immediately condemn and denounce all the idolatry he saw around him, or get into heated and acerbic arguments. Instead, he engaged in rational and orderly discussion. He began by praising their zeal (however misguided it was) and showed empathy for their beliefs. He used that empathy as any opportunity to witness the Gospel to them, and some believed.
Don't you think things might have been different if Paul had gotten right up in their faces, yelling about how wrong they were and holding a camera up at them? I doubt a single one would have listened to what he had to say.

*******You need to use examples in context...
Acts 17 is Paul witnessing to pagan NOT believers. We do that all the time... we just proclaim the truth to them ....
It is the pharisee religious places that get a more stern preaching when they lie about and twist God's Word.
Read Matt 23 as a sample..... and Gal 5 as well ( Paul told false teachers to castrate themselves ..ouch! )

In summary, whatever your message is, respect and polite consideration for those to whom you are witnessing is vital if you want those people to take you and your message seriously.

******We just proclaim the Word .... it is neither mean spirited or luke warn fleshly... it does what it does and it affects who it affects. God is good that way!

I encourage you to engage them in a quiet, rational, and polite discussions, with no cameras or recording devices.

****I do this as well and the results are the same. ONLY those who desire Gods full truth come into the light....most like their sin / John 3:19-21

People will feel as if you really care for them, and they will be far more receptive to your ideas.

****It is godly love to preach the truth, warm them of sin and call them to repent... go read the Prophets ( I am not prophet )

If someone pointed a camera at your face and started yelling at you, would you be very inclined to take their message seriously?

*****1 ) I love to talk of Gods truth on camera... people do it often and I pray Gods uses it.
2) I dont yell AT anyone except a mocker or false teacher
3) I test any message to the Word NOT to feelings and human fleshly ways.

And wouldn't you question their sincerity when they go on to say how much they care for you and love you?

*****No it is godly love to go and tell the truth. Gal 4:16
Man made Sunday religion is full of your ideas and ways to reach people to the point they are in sin and keeping man made ways.
Mark 7:6-9 Jesus hated that !!!
Again where do you fellowship so we can test your theology ( are you biblical? ) and can we come watch you preach the gospel Jacob?
In love you have used the old ad homenim on me... ignore the message to focus on the messenger.
Now that we can covered me.....
When will you biblically cover the actual biblical content of the message I preach?
Feel free to call and discuss it.
We love you and God be praised


Thank you.


P.S. Yes, you have my permission to post this email on your website if you wish.

ps I need to correct myself......
we occasionally do place a small sections of video on our FB or website. 
Not often .... but once in awhile. 

MOST of what we do is audio only .....

Just as the Word records much for us to understand... we do it as well it teach, warn and edify

God be praised


pss another great point is we NEVER approach anyone... they all come up to us!! 

I also had another thought Jacob.
We often go out and hold gospel signs to the world. This is 99% non con frontational ....until a mocker shows up.
Your commenting on the times we stand at religious places of pharisees where it gets they hate Gods truth in its fullness. 
If you cant see that in paul and Jesus ministry that it was that love your  blind.
Do you go and hold gospel signs for the lost Jacob? 
I await your detailed reply or ....are you just a drive by emailer who doesnt love us?

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Jeffrey Wallace did a sermon in 2018 at Living Faith Christian fellowship on tithing. It was called "Will a Man Rob God"
Sadly he is not a discerning biblical man or a good biblical teacher as his association with Mark Bullen at LFCF proves.
See that body tested and exposed here for various unbiblical ways including a false gospel:

I do this testing to show Mr Wallace is not teaching truth but deceiving people. It is in love and we hope he comes to a better knowledge of the word though; our attempts to get that for him/help have been rejected by him in the past. 
Here we go and see my reply to his teaching with the * by it.


At Minute 1:54 he says Malichi 3 alone "closes the deal and we should all pay a tithe". 

*Actually that is a lie as that was a old testament command to Israel not the NT gentiles and NO WHERE in the NT are gentiles instructed to pay a tithe!

At Minute 2:38 he says it is " brought to the store house". 
*Men like him will say that storehouse is the local church but that is not true. The store house was the Temple God built in Jerusalem and that is where the tithe was paid. We are now the temple of God today and there is no physical store house.

At Minute 3:30-4:39 Jeffrey says it clearly speaks of the tithe. 
*While it does speak of the tithe, it is in reference to the OT not the NT. Fact:

At minute 5:48 he states the tithe is a test of obligation to God.
*That is a lie as where does the NT Word say that!

At Minute 10:20 he says the tithe was given 400 years before the law to Abraham. 
*While that is true so was circumcision but we do not cling to that today do we Jeffrey? Tithing is not for today folks!

At minute 13:35-19:44 Wallace makes these crazy statements:
Your stealing 10% from God, it tests our mandatory obedience, hatred of tithing is hating the law and men who hate to tithe hate authority.... in his loud yelling manner! 
*Wallace can yell all he wants but NOT ONE VERSE IN THE NT WORD SUPPORTS HIS CLAIMS! It is more money grubbing lies ....

At minute 21:30 he admits you cannot keep the specifics of the tithe today as God ordained but you still need to pay it.  
* See you need a temple, a levitical priesthood, Israelites, to be in Jerusalem and the tithe was FOOD not money back then ) but that does not stop Wallace and other false teacher today from guilting you out of your money does it!

At minute 22:15 Wallace says Jesus mentions the tithe and said to obey the tithe. 
*Jesus was fufilling the OT ways and speaking to Jews not gentiles Mr Wallace and again no NT verses support your teaching. Stop scripture twisting!!!

At minute 23:54 he says Jesus sanctioned the tithe.
*This is another lie. In Matt 23:23 Jesus is NOT sanctioning the tithe to us gentiles he is speaking to Jews/Pharisees who kept the OT law!  We do not keep the OT law today do we? See the book of Galatians.

At minute 25:49 Wallace says Jesus said render unto Caesar and render unto to God what is God's. 
*No specific mention of tithing here but just to give what is due to God ( talents, thanks, praise, money etc )  Again tithing is OT and NEVER taught to us gentiles in the NT. 

At minute 26:39 Jeffery makes the strange claim that lone wolf Christians have nothing to tithe to???
* If you do not have a biblical body of believers with you, as a gentile you are free to honor God with your money, as you see fit. 
Paul said so. There is NO biblical command in the NT to hand over 10% to someone. Paul says give out of the abundance of your own heart, not to tithe!

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. 2 cor 9:7

At the 27:30 mark Wallace says the local church is the store house. 
*Nice try Jeffrey but NOT ONE NT VERSE supports him in this. The temple was the storehouse and now my body is the temple. Paul says each one of you lay in store NOT HAND OT OVER TO A MODERN PASTOR! See 1 Cor 16:2

At the minute 28:30 he says God finances the ministry vie the tithe.
*Again it sounds nice but he gives NO NT SCRIPTURE! 
Since we are now the temple 1 Cor 6:19 and each man a priest 1 Peter 2:9 and Paul saying you give as you see fit; it would seem that Mr Wallace has a moot point on this issue!

At minute 29:37 he says if your out there running around where is your store house?
*Well since the NT word never instructs tithing to us gentiles without a temple made by God, I have a bank account or a old coffee can in the ground where I can store up money for God's use. I am able to do so and do not need a modern pastor to do so Mr Wallace. Stop lying to people.....

At minute 31:39 he says you start giving "only" after you gave 10% 
*I guess Jeffrey needs to go find that in the NT Word but alas, it is not there anywhere for him. He is grasping for it and it looks very bad! Paul said give what you want.... 

At minute 32:00 -35:38 he makes the loud claims again.... 10% is God's, your robbing God and ALL Christians pay the tithe. 
*Really? Chapter and verse Mr Wallace on that in the NT Word? He has ZERO verses to support his blather!

At Minute 36:25 he again mentions the ONLY verse in the NT Word past the gospels that mention the tithe Hebrews 7.
*But it is about paying tithes according to the law and Heb 7 and 8 tell us the OLD has faded and the NEW has come. We are not under the OT giving laws today.

At minute 37:00-39:45 he has to go back to Numbers 18 for a verse on tithing, he says church ministry today is the same as the priesthood and the church is able to feed the poor better then he can.
*Again he needs OT law verses as the NT does not support his false tithe teaching for today and he has NO verses anywhere to support his claim the church building/pastor is like the priesthood today regarding giving. Paul tells a man to lay in store for himself NOT to give it away to others. Why is the building system better able to feed people. Cant you feed those God puts in your path Jeffrey or is is less messy for you to toss it for others to do? 

In minute 40:44 Wallace says Paul sanctioned the tithe in 1 Cor 9. 
*Go read the entire chapter and it is NOT there! More lies.... 
Paul is saying the priests ate of the food offerings given. The tithe was food. No problem. So Jeffrey if your hungry, have others in your body stock a room with food there for you and Mark to eat of. But a 10% money tithe weekly paid to a modern pastor.... it is NOT there in the NT word! Do not be deceived folks!

In minute 41:00-44:00 he says pastors should be paid as they do everything!
*God never designed one man to be doing all those things in His true NT body. Many men should be active doing  it. 1 Cor 14 
Your keeping a false man made system Mr Wallace making your own rules... how sad!

In minute 45:45 he cries out... your in trouble if you do not pay the tithe to God. 

In minute 46:00 he says if you cant trust your pastor with the tithe how can you trust him with your soul?
*the bible tells me to place my soul in Christ alone.. NOT ANY MAN JEFFREY! Hebrews 12:2 author and finisher of my faith! 

In minute 46:33-47:15 he again cries out your calling down a curse on yourself ...your robbing God! ( no verses from the NT to support himself ) 
* Ok Mr Wallace...we will all give our money right to God and not thru your modern pastor ponzi scheme, sound good? He has nothing in the NT to help him.

In minute 48:05 he says tithe and love a happy blessed life. 
* the Word of Faith alarm just went off now!  No, he gives NOT ONE NT  verse for gentiles to support this swill. 

In minute 48:49- 49:17 he starts saying tithing is God's program!
He and Bullen love that word. Then he says people hate that word program ( he meant me :) )  but they cant answer what it is.
* Oh I can Mr Wallace... see your program is a false, man made, Sunday ritual church system, that has corrupted God's truth / freedom for His people then replaced it with lording over, corrupt, money based, timed out/dead gathering with lies each week that grows religious folk not true holy saints! Our huge testing of your body shows it in detail at the start of this article.... so hows that?  

In minute 50:00-51:47 he tells you you MUST submit to the program and the tithe goes to the NT local assembly. 
* Chapter and verse? HE HAS NONE!!   

To close it off at minute 53:49 he says this:
"tithing was commanded before the law, during the law and after the law".
*This is a big lie as after the law, he has NOT shown ONE VERSE IN THE NT that teaches the giving of a tithe by gentiles. 

Note: If you notice, I do not have a lot of verses quoted in my comments. The reason is we do not have ANY verses in the NT (after the gospels) that teaches or even mentions a tithe for gentiles. What else can be said? This is like Wallace saying gentiles must put tassels on their garments to serve God like Jesus did. Since there are NO verses to support it, what can be said? His argument claiming the tithe was before the law is moot until he starts teaching that men must lop off their foreskin still to please God as that too started before the law to Israel as well. ( so did clean and unclean food laws as well / see Noah ) 

What you have here is men like Wallace and Bullen that have built man made religious Sunday system that needs MONEY to function. And like the good Baptists they model, they use the BEST means possible to get your money into their hands.... the OT tithe. Allowing you to act via Gods spirit to use your mone for his glory... oh that wont do! But as I have showed you there is NO basis for it so it must be rejected as a lie/false teaching! 

Here is a article on why tithing is not for today:

This also shows again...  they cannot be trusted for truth so beware will you?

We do not teach lies to get anyone's money as we do not take anyone's money. Like Paul, we work to not be a burden on anyone.
Why do you teach lies to get peoples money Mr Wallace?

See our resources below and let us know how we can help you?

God be praised

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