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On our discernment blog we like to cover other world religions to inform people of the truth as to what they believe and teach others. It is wise to lovingly know about, test and then teach others the truth about various faiths, why? Because our Lord and Savior told us this:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

Since back in 2012 a man named Mitt Romney (who is a Mormon) ran for the President of the United States and there is talk he will run again in 2016; we feel this is a good time to look at the facts of that faith so the truth will be known. Sadly, many in error believe the Mormon faith is just another flavor of Christianity but that is a bold lie. They are a religious cult that does have "some" similarities to Christianity and they use some of the same terms (like Jesus) but they are loaded with error, paganism and lies as well.

As always we are not going to load this post down with references and such because our goal is just to awaken you to the topic, give you facts and truth; then it is up to you to do the research to either prove us wrong (email us if so and we will repent and correct it) or embrace the truth for God's glory and apply it to your own life / world view moving ahead. So let's look at the history, beliefs and teachings of the Mormon faith shall we? Some of what we are about to tell you may seem "way out" there but we assure you it is true and you need to know it if you believe they are a Christian faith!

Their founder Joseph Smith:
*This faith was founded on a man named Joseph Smith in the mid 1800's
*He claimed to be a prophet and added strange new revelation to God's Word the bible
*He practiced having multiple wives and dabbled in strange spirits and the occult
*He claimed that Missouri would be Christ's place of return
*He claimed there was some gold sacred tablets and lost tribes in America
*He claimed to get info direct from God like Moses did
*He had visits from a angel called moroni
*He was called just a con man by many and he died in a gun battle from his prison cell where he killed two men or wounded them ( history is iffy there )
*He wrongly predicted Christ's return in 1891

What they believe:
*They don't believe the bible alone but have added the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price
*They consider the bible to be inaccurate and full of error's
*They believe their current President is a prophet who also gets new words from God
*They believe you can only be saved in their Mormon church (nowhere else)
*They believe ladies receive salvation ONLY thru their husbands and will be eternally pregnant
*They believe virgin mary had "actual sex" with the Father
*They believe Jesus and satan are brothers
*They believe satan has some good in him
*They believe their men will evolve to be gods and have many wives while living on another planet
*They believe Jesus death on the cross only partially saves you (you need the Mormon church)
*They believe in and practice Scottish rite masonic rituals in their secret temple services including the wearing of magic underwear
*They believe in communicating with dead spirits  (forbidden in the bible Dueteronomy18)
*They believe God was once a mere man who attained Godhood and now lives on a planet called Kolob.

Now do you still believe they are a biblical faith?

Please realize that these facts are kept from the public as that would greatly limit there ability to grow their false faith. In truth there is not one thread of evidence for any of the claims of Joseph Smith. As you can see clearly from the facts above they are NOT a biblical Christian faith and have many unbiblical/occult aspects that a well. I am sure there are many very nice and well meaning moral Mormon families around the nation. But that does not save them from their sins or excuse the gross occult lies of this faith they are deceive or born into. It is possible many of them don't even know the real facts/roots of their faith but again that changes little in the big picture of eternity. If they stay in these lies they will perish without biblical salvation.

Most importantly Mormons do not have a biblical gospel (the good news) that fully relies on Jesus Christ alone for salvation. They have a man made perverted gospel that can only damn you and not save you from your sins to eternal life by being made new/born again in Christ. Like all man made religion (roman catholism, baptists, lutherans etc) they are full of error and not the full truth of God.  Please click HERE to listen to or read the true biblical gospel to be saved.

How can this all be you ask? Millions of Mormons are out there seemingly with good intentions? Well there is great deception at work here and occultism as well. Interestingly enough some satanists have said there is a demon called  mormo and Smith's angel was named moroni. Could this perhaps be no coincidence at all? Smith himself also had described moroni as a "angel of light" and that is a direct quote from the bible where Paul describes satan just that way.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  2 Corinthians 11:15

In the end Mr Smith was a very deceived man who dabbled in strange occult spirits and was swept away in dangerous lies that led him to his own destruction. These facts are VERY important as with a famous man in the spotlight ( Romney perhaps running for the Presidency ) and a man like Glen Beck out there trying to convince the country that they are indeed Christians when they are not, biblical truth and occult Mormon facts do matter.

One last fact: many ex Mormons have said that modern moron leaders believe they are the only hope for the country and in the last days they will have a Mormon in the whitehouse to help save the country. If Romney does win and he sits in the whitehouse in 2016, could this open the door for the occult Mormon faith to become much more mainstream and then a great deception will come upon many more in the land because if it. Jesus Christ warned about great false teaching and deception in the last days of mans rule on earth. (see Matthew 24) We are seeing it today all over ( like in the denominational systems of man ) and that is why we write about it so His truth will be known and God glorified!

Don't be fooled by error. Place your trust in Christ and His cross alone as you cling to His Word the Holy bible as your ONLY source of truth in these last days.

Let us know how we can assist you.

The True and Living God be praised forever....

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For His glory…