Sports Ministries for Youth Exposed

There is a sad trend in America and it has been around for decades. It is the cause of thousands, perhaps millions of people thinking they are of Christ when they may well be ... false converts!!!
It is the use of carnal worldly sports to try and evangelize youth into accepting Jesus.
It is sinful and unbiblical for many reasons:

1) They teach a false easy believe gospel making false converts / See the Galatians 1 warning

2) They are often linked to man made false religion / Mark 7: 6-9

3) They do not teach youth to be holy and sober but to be silly and fleshly / See Titus 2

As examples see these testings below of youth ministries:

Coal Clash testing to come...........

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It is shameful what they do in the name of ministry and we pray they all repent of it.
We work in love to expose them with the truth and pray others wont be ensnared by their carnal false ways.

Our website will point the way to the FULL truth of Gods Word, the biblical gospel and the true NT body life vs man made false denominational ways.

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God be praised