Day 41 / Preaching on the Street / 2017 Cross Country Mission Trip

As we rolled into a new town I walked into a bait store just to check it out. On its board was bible verses. I aksed and was told the owner is a Baptist Christian. It was my desire to reach out to him and amazingly several weeks later he contacted us to buy one of our carvings! ( God brings us people all the time in many ways. )

As we approached his store to deliver his goods; we saw 4 men standing there. We did our business ( sold him a carving ) and I asked him about the verses on the wall. He explained he likes God's Word but then admitted he does not follow it like he should. 

That led to me street preaching the truth of God to all 4 of them in their lil Wyoming town. A police officer even walked by several times and he got truth too I believe.  

In the end, one of them asked a good question, I answered and we parted ways after they got our website and a offer to help them anytime. God was glorified in it all.....

The one man goes to a Baptist religious place ( even though he threw them under the bus sayign they are NOT biblical??) so this article would help him out a lot:

We are here to help you too.

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God be praised