Baptist or Biblical?

It seems of late we have run into many people who claim Christ but they are part of the man made unbiblical Baptist religious system. The truth is that Baptist ways originate in the early 1600's and they are of men (the unbiblical protestant movement) not God's true New Testament church. We care so we speak out boldly to help people out of its lies and into the Lord's truth.

The question we have to people in the baptist pews is this:

Are you a Baptist or are you biblical?

This matters as Jesus said to worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24) and not lies and man made error.

In our testing of them (1 Thessalonians 5:21) we have found they are VERY unbiblical having left many of the Lord's true ways for vain traditions. We would like to prove this to you using biblical articles we have on our website to help guide those who have an ear to hear out of their man made baptist trap and into the light of God's truth. The following links will help people see the baptist false ways vs God's Holy Word.

This link clearly shows what are the true biblical characteristics of God's New Testament church
(Baptist places do not hold to all of these biblical ways.)

This link is a 10 point biblical test of a religious body.
(Baptist places fail it.)

Baptists practice false pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter when Gods true people and the early NT body NEVER did. 

Baptists are often worldly and carnal minded as they love the things of the world like sports, movies, secular media/politics, music and many ungodly things the bible says to avoid if your of God. 

This link teaches on the false ways of a one man lording over modern Baptist pastor which is very unbiblical.

(Baptist pastors are unbiblical in their current role.)

Many Baptist people are false converts as their system uses an unbiblical gospel ( once saved always saved lies ) and emotional alter calls that are not of God. These links expose that:
(Baptists create many false converts today and it is very sad.)

Many Baptists love to call others "cult like" but yet they themselves have MANY cult like ways.  This link helps expose that clearly.
(Baptists do have cult ways indeed.)

Baptists love to collect people's money (we don't take ANY money at using the Old Testament tithe as their battering ram. This link teaches the tithe is not for today at all.
(Most Baptist pastors are nothing but hirelings who love to take money and they do it unbiblically.)

The facts are in and it does not look good for the these Baptist places per God's Holy Word. 
Did you know God hates false worship and will reject yours unless it is done biblically?
See this link on fasle worship:

Praise Report:
We have run into some recently that have repented and come out of the ill Baptist systems of men and we rejoice in that! God is glorified when people repent and seek His ways and we were thankful to be a very small part of that indeed. (God gets all the glory for sure.)

Please know... if the previous biblical articles loaded with God's Word have not shown you that your Baptist ways are unbiblical; your fruit shows you clearly are NOT born of God and sadly you belong in the Baptist pews. God's truth is for His sheep only and not the goats (unconverted people) of man's pews.

We care about you and if you would like to be born again and come out of man's false ways please go here and listen to or read the biblical gospel.
You will then truly see the truth and find your way to God (new life) through faith, repentance and biblical regeneration. This means you leave man made religion as well.

Please do not be like the MANY sad Baptist men we have known recently who hide in the dark, tell many lies as they are too afraid to come into the light of ALL of God's Word and reason face to face.  (We pray for them and love them; even as our enemies. They know who they are!)

Jesus exposed false man made religion. (See Mark 7:6-9) and His true people come out of it. (See Col 2:8)

In the end it is sad but true....
the Baptist ways are NOT biblical and we want better for you....IF you love the truth and are indeed Christ's true church!