Homestead Preparing (Off Grid)

Update Aug 2022
Note: we have sold our Missouri homestead / all our other material things to live out in the world full time as van dwellers preaching Christ crucified.

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While simple homestead living is a blessing; be careful it does not become a idol where you stay in comfort/fear vs serving God as He called men to go preach the gospel. 

Ponder that will you?

As van dwelling followers of Jesus Christ (who once lived off grid on a homestead) we started this page years many ago to help encourage believers on simple living. (no more additions will be added here but enjoy what we learned and did in homestead life once upon a time)  

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The good news is even if you live in a big city apartment or in a rural setting on some land, there are things you can and should do to be prepared in the days we live in. But you must start today or you will never get there and this page is a attempt to encourage you in that direction. 

 We are often added posts, articles and offerings here of our experiences both full time van dwellers and one time off grid homesteaders to encourage you. It will help you to get/be prepared right where you are or; to make plans to move to be better prepared else where. 

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A Young Mans Journey to Freedom in van life / on a Homestead

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We hope these homestead articles will edify and encourage you to be prepared in this short life on earth and mostly for eternal life to come in Christ! 


Off Gird Homestead Monthly Finances $$$$$$



1)  Freedom 
The very first place to start is freedom. Unless you have spiritual and 2 other freedoms, it does not matter where you live, life will be less then God wants for you.  The foundation must be built on Christ and His freedoms. Go read this article about 3 biblical freedoms and then we can move on to the homestead preparing life. These are the essentials freedoms you must be working towards in life and it will then aid you in being prepared!

2) Shelter / Food and Water
Go here to learn basics you must get going on now!

3) Cash Reserve
It is important to have a reserve on hand.

4) Off Grid or Not?

5) Container Gardening

6) Well Water Off Grid Cooler

7) Off Grid Outdoor Shower

8) Compost Pile

9) Live Traps Are a Must!

10) Tool Box Basics

11) Off Grid Composting Toilets

12) Rain Water Collecting

13) Chainsaws on the Homestead

14) Cooler Tip Making Ice Last Longer

15) Worm Farming on the Homestead

16) Wood stove Heat on the Homestead

18) God a Refuge and Homestead Roof

19) Parable of the Sower and Homestead Garden Grower

Extra Topics From Sisters Debbie's blog 

* Off Grid Dehydrator
Here's an off grid dehydrator we use, it works great!

* Thermal Cooking
Learn how to use thermal cooking to save propane:

* Hand Washing Clothes Off Grid
How to wash clothes by hand.

* Off Grid Coffee
Here are a couple ways to make coffee without using propane or power.

* Natural Healing and Hygiene

* Random Recipes

* Solar Cooking

* Make Bread

* Canning (There are a few ideas on this link, follow the instructions of your pressure cooker and water bath canner.)

* Sewing (I only have a few ideas here, maybe more in time.  There are many tutorials on the internet.)

* Saving Money

* Wood Stoves For Heat and Cooking

*Solar Food Drying

*Free Wood Siding for your homestead
*Water Barrels with Covers

*Chainsaw Milling of Lumber

*Baked Potatoes in the Wood Stove

*Buying Used Roof Material Cheap

65) Quick Easy Tomato Juice From Paste

66) Filling 1 lb LP Tanks

67) Chainsaw Mill Log Holder (homemade)

70) Siphon Pump

71) Chainsaw Sharpening / "Almost Free" and Easy 

72) Mini Root Cellar/Cold Box

73) Trim/Wood Preservative From Old Oil and Diesel Fuel

74) Root Cellar Project (video) 

You will find many more useful tips on our van dweller page that can applie to homestead life as well:

Stay tuned here.... more to come over time!


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