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 Brother Tupos and Sister Aman

We are years into our full time van dwelling life as we travel and preach Christ crucified all over America. This page will point you to a biblical van dwelling life via the gospel to eternal 

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As a traveling van dwelling / street preacher (with his wife) I get a lot of questions about living in a van. (we sold off all we owned even our Missouri homestead) and are a "self funded" full time traveling ministry) We decided vs answering the questions MANY times over and over; we will place links online to inform and edify anyone interested in this awesome life. To help others, we will be placing many links over time with tips from our experiences to encourage those saints interested in getting started in the simple van dwelling life for God's glory. 

Below I will deal with the main issues of why, who and how to get into this life, starting, set up and living in a van such as the basics, wisdom, to do, helpful hints, experiences, not to do's and such. 
Note: Sister Debbie will soon place links here that cover issues that a "keeper of the van" will face like food, organizing, tips, cleaning etc.  

Notice: van dwelling is very different then RV life. 

Van dwelling is about small/simple and has few comforts of a RV like kitchens, full bathrooms, living rooms etc.  Here is a article about RV life that may interest families who need more room then just a van:

If you are ready to investigate van dwelling life, a very different / interesting life, there is a lot to learn so lets begin. Enjoy the links below and stay tuned for more to come over time. (click "follow by email" on our "teaching blog" to get all new updates as we post them)

*Here is a link on car camping 101 to get you started:

This may inspire you all as well!

A Young Mans Journey to Freedom via Van Dwelling

Moving on; here are the articles/audios or videos that will help you regarding the van dwelling life:

1) WHY... do you want to seek the Van Dweller?

2 ) Ministry / Preaching the Gospel in Van Dwelling

3) Full Time or Part Time... Van Dwelling

4 ) Are You Fit.... For Van Dwelling?

5 ) Debt Free.... Van Dwelling Life Can Beat Debt

6) Freedom ... Are You Free? Van Dwelling Offers It!

7 ) Advantages of Van

8) Pitfalls / Down Sides of Van Dwelling

9) The Six basic S's of Daily Van Dwelling

10 ) Personal Hygiene, Toilets and Van

11 ) Buying your Vehicle ... for Van Dwelling
Stay tuned for more article links and even videos / audios to come right here over time .......

12 ) Monthly Budget for Van Dwelling

13 ) Recommended Items for Van Dwelling

14 ) Basic Set Up for Your Rig  ... Van Dwelling

15 ) Generator Set Up for Van Dwelling

16 ) CB / Weather Band Radio for Van Dwelling

17) Hitch Basics for Van Dwelling

18 ) Free Ice for Van Dwelling

19 ) Rain Protectors for Van Dwelling Life

20) PA Speaker (w/sample preaching video) for Van Dwelling

21) Roof Top Storage Bin for Van Dwelling

22) Insulating Van Walls (with blankets) for Van Dwelling

23) Thermal Cooking for Off Grid or Van Dwelling 
(Read it in the sisters blog.)

24) Battery Charger for Van Dwelling Life

25) " NEW"Generator Box for Van Dwelling Life

26) 12 Volt Battery System for Van Dwelling Life

27) Water Storage for Van Dwelling Life

28) Cheap and Easy Van Window Screens for Van dwelling life

29) Sun Awning for Van Dwelling life

30) Keep Your Van Cool in Van Dwelling Life

31) Raising the Van Roof for Van Dwelling Life

32) Places to Van Camp / Finding Them

33) Cooler Tip Making Ice Last Longer

35) 2 Side Door Screen System for Van Dwelling Life

36) Rechargeable Fan for Van Dwelling Life

37) Roof Vent Window

38) Free Water on the road

39) Umbrella Sun Blocker

40) Outside LED Lights

42) White Noise Machine

43) Washing Clothes While Driving:

44) Off Grid Coffee
Here are a couple ways to make coffee without using propane or power.

45) Be Your Own Mechanic

46) Gospel Sign Holder

49) Magnetic Round LED Light 

50) Van Dweller "chili" made easy

51) LED Solar Motion Lights

52) Frugal Food Choices (STOP eating out!)

53) Air Compressor on the Road

54) Van Life Steak and Eggs

55) Pop Up Shower Unit

56) Portable Seating Options

57) Cooking Thermal Rice

58) Homemade Body Wipes

59) Easy Food Tips (Ice Coffee/potato salad/tortillas/pancakes)

60) Keeping Your Van Clean for Little Money

61) Fabric Glue for Clothing Repair

62) Rice Heat Packs for Microwave

63) Food Container

64) Mini Tortilla Pizza

67) Reindeer Moss for fire starting

69) Alcohol Can Heater

70) Window Heat Screens for Van Life

71)  Porthole Windows for Van life

72) Curtains with Magnets for Van life

73) Hand Wash Station for van life

74) Rain X for Windshields

Picnic Mat

All future van dwelling tips/updates will be posted here: