Day 42 / God's Unconditional Love Lie / 2017 Cross County Mission Trip

God is soooooooooooooooo good and amazing!!

I was sitting in a restaurant and doing a article on a man made religious lie called the Unconditional Love of God.
As I got up from my seat to get some coffee I saw a man reading his bible and we talked.

Sadly he is part of man made religion ( Assembly of God ) and while they helped him out of drug use; they are NOT teaching him biblical Christianity that leads to eternal life. I lovingly talked to him about many topics that man made religion are deceiving him on. One of them was this false doctrine of man.

I asked him if God loves man without condition and he said yes!!!!...twice!!!

After we talked about the gospel he realized that no it is a lie and he admitted it.
See this article that exposes that lie of man made religion.

While I was thankful to talk with him, it was easy to see his allegiance is to his religious Sunday system ( AOG ) and not the truth of God's Word. As soon as he knew I teach against its many false ways he shut me out and wanted no more talk. How sad and he had NO love for me.

This this link that exposes the Assembly of God as false and unbiblical:

I did promise him we will test his religious body... New Life Christian Center Worland, Wy and post it as a teaching moment.
That to come soon here:

We pray he keeps seeking for more truth as that vain way he is in and on  does NOT led to life but man's false ways that God will reject in the end. We want better for him as we love him.

We are here to help you.

Please go and listen to the gospel good news hear:

Also go to our teaching blog that will show you MANY biblical topics and articles that expose error and sin and guide you into a new and holy eternal life to come:

God be praised