Getting Smore of Jesus (Sinful Church signs)

We were in a Wyoming town while on our 2017 mission trip doing ministry and we saw a sad sign that really shows the nature of man made religion today. It reveals how it views God and uses His name in a demeaning/sinful way to appeal to humans or children.

This sign is from a Church of Christ body and like all the other denominations they use all kinds of "children based fleshly ways" to entertain the youth. You will NOT find this in scripture. You may say whats the big deal.... just sharing the love of Jesus with children right?

Well, it is a very big deal for various reasons. God is to be revered NOT used as a side note to sweet treats! Many points could be made on why this is sinful but here is just several:

*They leave God's Word and His instructions for His body by using such false ways of man.
*They fleshly entertain youth who grow up into adults who love fleshly entertainment.
*By not being discerning, they fall into the trap of being human centered and fleshly regarding God and  NOT being God centered in all things.

Titus 2 says train the youth to be sober.

We see man made religion all over teaching the youth to be silly and worldly so we speak out.

This all matters as the end result is total false teaching (about a Holy God)  whenever you are human based vs Christ centered and not testing all things for His glory. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Note: In 10 years of preaching and discernment ministry we have NEVER seen a religious body that has this type of silly youth ministry that are fully biblical in their adult ways.  This is telling indeed.

In this case much sin abounds here!
Sadly the Church of Christ has a FALSE gospel that says you must be baptized to gain eternal life. They are in heresy and cannot represent God's truth to the world.

Go read John 4:24 .

Truth matters folks, ALL truth, and it is why we pound on it and teach it over and over. Without truth in ALL things you end up in lies and error, which is sin. God's true people do not live in lies and sin do they? Please consider this as it matters in eternity.

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God be praised!