Lutheran Lunacy Part 2

If you need more proof of the false ways of man made religion and how it is full of lies, sin and lunacy just read on.

We were out witnessing one day in Wyoming ( on our summer mission trip ) at a Mormon church and this man rode a scooter up to us.

He engaged us in a conversation. He asked us about our sign and claimed he was born again. We told him we are not with any organization ONLY Christ's true body. He admitted he was with the Zion Evangelical church in town. I asked isn't that Lutheran? He said well yes but we are not really Lutheran. This is the kind of crazy lies you hear out here as it says Lutheran on their building. As I shared truth with him he then said 'well we are all fallen from God so it does not matter'. He was insinuating that we don't have to obey the bible today but he is VERY wrong. See Hebrews 5:9

I lovingly then told him that Luther was a murderous and unbiblical man and he just laughed wanted to go. He was NOT interested in digging for truth with us or testing himself. He left saying 'I know what I believe'. While that maybe be true he believes lies that cannot save him.

See Luther exposed here:

More sad evidence of man made religion, men following sin and LIES when Jesus is the TRUTH.

See John 14:6


Jesus said FEW will find eternal life and he warned MANY religious people will be turned away by Him as they are sinful/law breakers going against His ways to do their own false ways.
See Matthew 7

We pray you are not deceived today so we GO to proclaim truth for God's glory and your eternal soul!

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God be praised