Torch of Christ Phillip Blair ..False Teacher Gets Latest Scripture Twister Award

Note: go here to see the large testing that exposes many sins and false ways of Phillip Blair:

Our latest scripture twister award goes out to this unbiblical ministry run by Phillip Blair.

Note: Phillip believes in and teaches unbiblical things as slain in the spirit, demons in believers and uniting to those / other denominations who do not keep sound doctrine ( ecumenicalism? ) 

I learned of his website and read some of it. I read his material and within minutes found a troubling post where he twists and adds to God's Word. Here is the screen capture:

Did you see the scripture twisting yourself? Read it close....

He speaks of Acts 2 when the holy spirit fell on believers and he says " they were all laying on the floor " . It does NOT say that in God's Word at all. He added that to prove/beef up his ill theology of being slain in God's spirit.  ( Note: there is NO evidence of that in scripture at all ....)

I lovingly contacted him via email and asked him where that is in God's Word? First, he had me prove he said it then when I did prove it; he refused to correct it for God's glory. He also refused to tell me how a man finds eternal life and he called me UNLOVING and religious for even challenging his ministry. Then he ran into the dark! John 3;19-21  

( Note/Update: after I followed up with Phillip / 3 months later he eventually took that off his website but since he still teaches the ill slain in the spirit ways: I am leaving that up that he was twisting God's Word on it to warn you in love ) 

Phillip told me I have a religious spirit. It is NOT a religious spirit to cling to all of God's Word. Jesus said they word is truth. John 17;17 

Phillip claims to love God but the bible says this shows godly love:

1 John 5:3
For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

We love God by keeping His Word / commands.... yet Phillip focuses on relationship jesus. He makes up his own theology ( adds to the Word as I showed)  and gets upset if we call him to keep the Word in full? As I said; he teaches some crazy things about demons in believers and he believes in generational curses and he holds to some other teachings as well, NOT found in scripture. 

Phillip uses emotional music and alter calls and sinners prayers not of God. This type of ministry is passing off a different/fake emotional ( perhaps occult / slain in the spirit ) jesus,  not preaching the full gospel, making disciples, teaching them to obey all Christ/the Word commanded and calling them out of the world in holiness. 


Phillip has taken to FB to say I lied about him. That is a LIE!!

             I answered with this... lets see if he deletes and blocks me?

He should be ashamed!

Note: I have all of his emails as proof....this is truth!

Do not be deceived by men who lie, then add to and change God's Word to teach what they wish and practice things NOT found in scripture!

Note: go here to see the large testing that exposes many sins and false ways of Phillip Blair:

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God be praised


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