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On Oct 31, 1517 a roman catholic monk named Martin Luther nailed a 95 point thesis to the door on a Roman catholic cathedral. It was his way to protest certain teachings of the roman faith. Many people are familiar with Luther and have a rough idea of what he did on that day but the real truth and deeper details seem to evade most people in this age of evangelical denominationalism that we live in. In this post let us take a closer look at Martin Luther and the reformation he started by looking at the man, historical facts and God's Word as well.

At the start of this post we want to say that there was good that came out of this event. The hold that the roman church had on the Word of God  was broken. By allowing people to hear it was by God's grace- not following the false roman faith,  more could read the truth of God's Word.  The bible that had been hidden by the pagan roman faith for many centuries was then translated and made available to many more of that time.  In that, it was an event that bore out good. Where many go wrong is when they assign the credit to Luther (or other reformers like Calvin) and say 'where would we be without Luther today?' (A evangelical denominational religion was started in his name and many today still plaster his name on their religious buildings/ see Lutherans.) Even without him stepping up you must know that God still had and always does have His true people that have not bent their knee to false gods or following strange ways. All of the glory and honor for any good must go to God in this event as He is sovereign (in control) over all things is He not?

Having said that I would like to discuss several key issues about Luther/the reformation that most people are NOT aware of today. The following is that list and then we will go into them deeper in the post below.

1) The 95 page thesis was not a total break away from all roman Catholic false ways as Luther only had certain issues he raised against the pope and roman faith.

2) Luther taught a corrupt Faith alone and Grace Alone easy believe gospel that is heresy (see it exposed below)

3) Martin Luther was a very unbiblical man who carried over various pagan things not found in God's Word and created a new form of religion (Lutheranism) that had much sin!

4) Luther was a Jew hater ( Hitler used his writings to rise to power in Nazi Germany) and Martin was ok with killing Jews!

5) Luther was not afraid to encourage the murder of other men like German peasants

6) Because of Luther (and others) evangelical denominational religion (yet today) is very unbiblical and follows many pagan and man made ways far outside of God's Holy Word. (Christ-mass and Easter to name two )

Some of those points may amaze you but the fact is they are all very true! (Do your own research will you?) Let us take them one by one and explore the truth about Luther and the results of the reformation we see today, shall we?

1)  The 95 page thesis was not a break from roman Catholicism as Luther only had certain issues he raised against the pope/roman faith

If you go and read the 95 page thesis you will find that Luther really had a main point of contention against the pope. It was the "selling of indulgences" to get out of punishment for sin. Now he should have exposed this terrible act but Luther stopped far short of calling out the roman system for what it is; totally unbiblical and pagan. Martin Luther still held up the popes authority and he himself clung to various roman like doctrines that were unbiblical and false. (We will list some in the next section) Would a person who really understood and grasp all of God's Word still hold dear many roman catholic false ways?

2) His faith alone and grace alone gospel is a lie and I expose it here:

See his 5 Solas exposed here:

See the biblical gospel here:

3) Martin Luther was a very unbiblical man who carried over many things not found in God's Word and he created a new form of religion (Lutheranism) that lives on today and is not biblical in so many ways.

It is not well known but Luther practiced and believed in baby baptism and a modified view of the Lord's Supper with Christ becoming the bread and the wine. Both are VERY unbiblical and must be rejected out right! In fact many men died over the sinful infant baptism issue that today people could hardly care less about, how very sad! He also was a supporter of praying to virgin Mary and he was key in the formation of a new religion that brought over with it many of the pagan false ways from Rome.  Things like huge religious buildings, paid men in lifted up pulpits that rule over the people in pews, restarting the tithe, instrumental music, ritual worship shows and a clergy / laity class distinction to name a few when God's Word shows none of that! Can this really be the fruit of a true man of God who had biblical truth?

4) Luther was a Jew hater

It is well known documented that Luther hated the Jews and some say that many of his hate filled writings were used in Germany in the 30's to fuel the Nazi rise to power.
you will see some of the quotes Luther had about hatred and one was that he would drown Jews in a mock baptism if he could. How could this be a man of God we would ask you?

5) Luther was not afraid to encourage the murder of other men

Luther was in fact a murderous minded man once he had broken free of the Rome's control over him. He is known to have encouraged the slaughter of over 100,000 German peasants who rose up in a revolt over living conditions they faced. 

God's Word says such men who would murder others will...go to hell. (And it is never noted that he repented of such ways.) Could Martin Luther have really been the true man of God (some claim) and acted out in this way?

6) Because of Luther (and others) denominational religion today is still very unbiblical and follows many pagan and man made ways fare outside of God's Holy Word.

** It should be noted Luther loved the pagan holiday of Christmas and it is more evidence of his many unbiblical ways. See our teaching blog and articles on that unbiblical but popular false way:

We must also lay at his feet the at least partial blame for the starting and building of yet another unbiblical false faith known as Lutheranism, reformed theology or evangelicalism that today has about 30,000 different flavors. While they may have some things correct over the roman catholic faith that Luther left, this cannot excuse the MANY unbiblical and pagan ways still done in these places that are disobedient and rebellious against the true New Testament church that Jesus paid for with His shed blood. Luther brought them with him and smiled upon these false ways. Perhaps one of worst among them was the Luther idea that a man could commit adultery or murder a thousand times a day and still "not go to hell" because of Christ's death on the cross. He is also known to have said "sin boldly"! This is the very false eternal security mindset and it is also a flavor of antinomianism (which means all grace but no need to follow the law of God at all in obedience)
see our link on that here:

The apostle Paul dealt with Luther's very sad error in Romans 6 saying we shall "not" go on sinning now that grace has come. If Luther believed that to the end; he is in a grave dark state today for sure.

We are amazed when we lovingly raise these topics to Lutherans or other evangelical denominational folks who are practicing much of what Luther ordained for evangelicals today and they hardly seem phased by such heinous truths. Many will say "oh that was so long ago" or "he didn't really do that much bad vs the good"! We have scoured the bible and we can find no such allowance for any error, murder or false teachings, none! Do you realized that what most of the religious places in America today are doing are based all upon the pagan roman faith and this false man with dangerous and murderous ideas? If that does not alarm you then you have no clue about God's true character and nature at all.

We would pray that you will seek the Lord's Word and Truth at a much deeper level then just Sunday ritual religion that cannot save you and that you shed mans false ways. What may help you is if you go to this 10 point biblical test and see if your faith and body are indeed correct to God's Word or false? Then you can decide what you will or will not do about it. We encourage you to repent, be born again and come out of it as you strive after His New testament church life. See our 10 point test here:

see the gospel here on how to find eternal life:  

While we are so thankful to have the Word of God in our hands and be able to read and study it freely; we shall give God ALL of that glory. We will NOT assign even a small amount of it to any man  especially one who was so far off the mark of God's Word and ways as Martin Luther.  His actions have brought some good but also created centuries of ill theology and much bad that we can't ignore but warn of. As for the reformation of 1517 and evangelical denominationalism that it spawned today, we must call it what it was and is: a religious system that has some truth in it but is also of great compromise, man made traditions and false theology that is very dangerous and is misleading and deceiving multiple millions of people.

Jesus warned against practicing vain religion in Mark 7
This people honors Me with their lips,But their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men.

We need to note that all along there were groups of God's TRUE people that were NOT part of the roman false faith and they also rejected Luther's error filled ways. They were hunted down and persecuted by both of them over the centuries. (John Calvin killed people over faith too.) Only false systems would ever do such a thing so their fruit is well noted is it not? 

The system of faith that Luther created is NOTHING but "a daughter of the harlot" that the bible speaks of. (Many say the harlot is the roman catholic faith.) 

Why would you ever settle for the ill reformed ways of men that just happen in 1517 when you can have the True and biblical way of Christ found only in his NT body that He ordained right from the start. It is His true church over 2000 years ago that you must strive for and not a Luther counterfeit! You are settling for lies, error and vain traditions when you could have eternal truth.  Please see our link on first century Christian life in the church here:

One last thing: practicing lies like Lutheranism and his evangelical denominational ways will get you hell not heaven. 
See Revelation 22:14-15
Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. 15 But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and.......... whoever loves and practices a lie.

Are you practicing lies and error today or the pure truth of Gods Holy Word? We care about you so we ask this in godly love.

Let us know how we can assist you in any way at all.

For His glory........


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