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It is no secret to most people that mankind is emotionally driven. If left to his own carnal ways, his flesh will rule him and his very existence. One needs look no further than music as a prime example of this fact. Music in this carnal culture has risen to unbelievable heights in its appeal and use and it is no different in the "so called" Christian places of gatherings on every street corner in America today. The "worship service" that man has invented and the massive musical offering that has over taken it as a weekly ritual leads people on an emotional fleshly experience and we have to ask; should it really be so per God's Word?

In God's Holy Word and His true New Testament body, the Creator gave clear instruction/examples on how He (as God) wanted His redeemed people to relate to Him and each other. We find that music was a very small part of that in the first century. While most man made religious systems are making music the "central part" of a body gathering, it was NOT so in the early church, though singing (not music like today) had a small part indeed. If we claim to be His true people, we are to model what Christ Himself did. It is important to note that we do not see ANY emotional ways or fleshly driven worship music in the NT church that Christ ordained.  It was all done in order and always led by the Holy Spirit, not man. This is clearly exampled when Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper and then, they simply then sang a hymn.

Matthew 26:29-30
But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom. And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.

That is the pattern we see in THE true church that Christ ordained and it is man that has perverted it over the centuries. Here is a detailed article we did on what is biblical music that you should read then continue on this with article. 

 If you read that article on music, you saw that there was no instruments used in the early church and singing was a small part of what they did. Nor was their practiced choirs, worship leaders, bands, orchestras or lone talented singers set up on a stage for everyone else to stare at. There also was no rowdy, loud, emotional music with saints jumping around and letting their emotional flesh rule them. The bible says that God is a God of order, not confusion. See 1 Corinthians 14:33

The first century NT gatherings were simply true, holy, obedient saints all singing to each other from their hearts in spiritual songs that had biblical themes and theology to them, not romantic like "love words" and rhythms. Their accapela music back then had a small place in the gathering but it was NOT the main event. Nor did the holy saints use it to get into an emotional "god" mindset by any means. It was a simple act of singing spiritual sings and not the huge production today with worship leaders, lights and bands. 

In Acts 20:7 we see that Paul preached till midnight and this shows us that the reading of the Word, reasoning and the training up of the saints in that Word was a MAJOR factor and massive amounts of music was not the norm in the early church as it is today in man made religion. On religious websites we often read that music "ushers you into the presence of God" or that music "allows you to feel close to God" and it helps you into a "spirit of worship". None of this is supported by the Holy Word and the fact is that it is just emotional tools to get people in the pews or to control their emotions so they will like it and want to come back again. This is how man grows his religious body, but it is not of God. These represent a man centered gathering aiming to please peoples flesh and NOT a spirit led biblical gathering ALL about obeying and pleasing a Holy God.

Many modern church goers do push back hard and say to us; 'so what is wrong with allowing yourself to be moved and feel emotions through music'? Again we know that man will always "sin" when he leaves God's design won't he? We must also remind you that the TRUE early NT church did not gather to focus on the emotional flesh so His TRUE church today should not do it either if.... they are walking in spirit and truth that Jesus Himself commanded in John 4:24

To illustrate how fallen man allows his flesh to lead him far astray if he leaves God's Word, we have attached some video clips to show this is always true. In this first clip please listen to a biblical offering of saints singing with just their voices to each other and God as we see Jesus and the disciples do in Matthew 26. In the first century church there were no instruments, rhythms or beats that moved people's flesh! It was theology sung in an orderly way just as the bible instructs His true people to do.

The saints of ther biblcal days sang psalms and scripture. 
If you consider this you will notice the order and soberness of the songs that had references to scripture/truth about God?  We have to wonder how many people in modern religion today would still desire to sing biblically if it was not about teasing their flesh and emotions through unbiblical and instrumental music.

Now to show you how man allows music to degrade when he leaves God's Word and Ways. This next example is at a musical event. (We don't approve of these things at all and are using this as an example of how unbiblical it is.) You can see how if man allows himself to follow the flesh and leave what God has ordained (orderly and acapella music with biblical themes) his emotions now take over. Man adds all kinds of things to the music so it will draw more people, sell CD's and move them into their carnal flesh for a "so called" God experience.
This is NOT of God!

Could you ever imagine Jesus or Paul "rocking out" to such a display of "so called" Christian musical expression with the flashing lights, ear ripping volumes, performers with make up / all worldly adorned and words you cant even understand? If you say yes, you have "not a clue" about who God is and what Holiness He desires vs what your flesh craves. This mindset will only lead to death, not life!

The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 8:8 "you can't please God in the flesh".  If that is true, then who are these professional paid musicians and those listening to their music trying to please, themselves? God requires His peoples lives lived out as worship daily (Romans 12:1) to meet His standards NOT our own!

Moving on, again at this very same musical fest you can see what this type of music eventually drives the youth (and even grown up mature people) to do in a massive frenzy of flesh and musical emotions.

Please know that this craziness is NOT worship in any way shape of form and it is NOT OF A HOLY GOD!

Many will try to say that King David danced but keep in mind that in the Old Testament they lived in the flesh.  We are in the New Testament and we live in the Spirit, do we not?

The NT bible tells men and young people to be "sober minded". (Titus 1, Titus 2:6 and 1 Peter 5:8)
Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 
Indeed satan is using music to sweep so many away as they do in the flesh (what they are told is worship) when it is only feeding their carnal ways as they drift further from God's truth and biblical worship.

*Does any of that jumping around like out of control heathens really look sober minded and holy to you?

Just how far will man go when he is playing to peoples flesh and NOT following the Holy Word of God in detail and the example left to us by Christ and the first century saints? Watch this silly video of a local religious body (Faith Christian Center in Mauston) and see that they will actually use not only fancy moving lights but a SMOKE MACHINE to set the mood of their "so called" worship experiences. This clip really looks more like a nightclub scene including the very immodest dressed band members. This is NOT OF A HOLY GOD!

These are all prime examples of carnal festivals and a false seeker sensitive religious body. They are both aiming to soothe and move peoples emotions and their flesh, not to be obedient to the Word of God. If they went to just singing accapela hymns and psalms song from the heart to each other without the beats, lights, smoke and practiced bands, would as many people still desire to gather there to encourage each other, hear the Word spoken for hours to glorify God, teach people to live in holiness and prepare people for work of the ministry? We think not and that is why they don't do it! Their modern pastor even admits in a book he wrote that he needs to cater to young peoples likes to grow his numbers. They are NOT a true New Testament church at all but a body made of man focused on goat gathering (worldly un-regenerated people) and they are to be avoided!

What we see today is this modern music that causes people to move their flesh but it does not biblical cause the spirit to be moved towards God in truth and holiness. Emotionalism  and playing to ones flesh just is NOT part of life in the true New Testament church of Jesus Christ. God's ways or NOT man's.

NOTE: It is important to note that these beats and driving rhythms have more in common with paganism and occult voodoo-ism than the true New Testament church of God. 

Please do not think that just because you're music is 'more' sober in your religious body and you do not jump around and get all crazy, that you are being "more biblical". If you're still using practiced singers up on stage, worship teams, orchestra's, contemporary instrumental songs (that usually lack solid theology) and dressed up/practiced choirs in special garb; you too are focused on peoples flesh and NOT pleasing the Lord in total obedience! As proof how many Christ-mass shows are put on annually that are just made to feed your flesh?
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 The early first century saints did no such things nor does God's Word ever tell you or we to do such things at all today. It is ALL of man and for man's flesh so in the end, we reject it as error.

If you are not gathering biblically then only using your voices to sing and stay more focused on the Holy Word, training each other up in holiness and obedience then you're just attending an unbiblical emotional show as well. You certainly are not practicing the biblical New Testament body life that Christ ordained for His bride. As we always remind people, there will be NO solo singers, no worship bands, no denominational traditions or man made fleshly ways in heaven. Man's false ways will all fall away for the Lord's True Ways on that day!

So why are you doing them here on earth, every single week, against God's Holy Word and Ways?

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