Revelation 2 and 3 Angels to the Churches Explained

There has been a long standing debate about what or who the ANGELS are that Revelation 2 and 3 talk about regarding the 7 bodies/churches addressed there. 

The Greek word for angels is

รค'n-ge-los means: angel, messenger, one sent


There are 3 main views that have been said to explain who the angels are: 

1) Some say they were indeed angels as they are really just messengers of God 

2) Others have said they are the ruling bishops who were over those bodies

3) Some have said they were human runners or messengers to the bodies/churches of Revelation

Having looked into this and studied it and the answer lies in God's Word as always. I find option #1 is the only possible truth!

Let me explain why.....

*If you look at angels through the bible, they are most often real angels and not men at all. 

*Option #2 is easily refuted as when you study God's Word in depth you will find there was NO single ruling bishop or elder over the bodies in the New Testament body of Christ. It was ALWAYS multiple men who oversaw them, NOT one man ruling. Lone ruling bishops came along later and it is a practice of man, NOT of God's design.
See this article that exposes the idea of one ruling bishop as unbiblical:

*Option #3 is also easily refuted when we read Revelation chapter one.  ( I came across this while researching another article)  

If you read Revelation 1, you will find the evidence you need to see it was indeed ANGELS of God, not any men at all. 

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John

Rev 1:1

Some history.....

John was the last surviving Apostle and he wrote the book of Revelation. He was imprisoned on a island called Patmos where he later died. Did you notice it says in verses 1:

and signified it by his angel unto his servant John

It is very simple really. 
Ask yourself, if John was locked up in prison, did he have human messengers coming to him? That is VERY unlikely at all.

Next, if John was locked up in prison did he have a ruling bishop standing over him to give him info from God? That would have been impossible.... as a prisoner and because lone ruling bishops did NOT exist then in Christs body!

The ONLY logical conclusion is just what God's Word says. Those were ANGELS that carried messages to the churches in Revelation just as an angel carried it to John on Patmos via a vision.

Once again, if we study God's Word and NOT man made ideas, we can get at and KNOW the truth vs error. 

Do not be deceived by man made religion that most often leaves, adds to or takes away from God's Holy Word.   

Let us know how we can help you.....

God be praised!