Movies are Unbiblical

We often receive the question 'Can Christians watch movies?' and we would answer 'no', not even the so called Christian movies and here is why.

1) Entertainment (movies) are NOT of God, but it is made for the flesh of man and worldly people not godly Christ follower, see this article on entertainment and why it is unbiblical:

2) Movies often have contemporary christian music that also NOT of God. We are NOT to use instruments in the New Testament unto God. Today emotional instrumental music it is used to tease peoples flesh when the bible says we cannot please God in the flesh and we are to kill it for Him. Romans 8

see this article on CCM:

3) Those who produce these movies are NOT biblical believers but often either un-believers or man made religious types far from solid bible truth. They have MANY unbiblical/sinful ways about their own theology so they should be avoided per Romans 16:17. See this 10 point test that exposes them and their ways:

Note: The fact is they do not keep God's true NT ways and have MANY unbiblical associations and should be avoided not embraced. 

4) Movies are about paid actors (which are really liars and hypocrites acting out something they are not) most always in immodesty, worldly, carnal / fleshly ways for the big screen profit and true believers are called to NOT be of the world at all. See Romans 12:2

You can read about how women are to dress and headcover biblically here:

5) Movies don't hold close to God's Word in detail and often take liberty with truth which that alone in very sinful!
I would encourage you to do what Jesus said we should do. 

Live by every word out of God's mouth ( the bible ) Matt 4:4 and not be seeking our theology and pleasing our flesh in the theaters of man but in His Word and ways alone. The early saints did NOT partake in these types of offerings and neither should true saints today. 

See the characteristics of the New Testament Body here:

God be praised!

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