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Instrumental music has a great power over people's emotions as fallen man is a fleshly being and most often follows that flesh vs God's Holy Word. There is no doubt that it has the power to control your feelings, emotions and even your body in ways few others things can. ( see: drugs and alcohol ) We can clearly see satan using this music all over the corrupt culture to woo, control and deceive the masses via emotions. 

But what about the music for God's true people for today?

Is instrumental music biblical in the body of Christ?
We have studied this and we say "no" it is not for today. 
Here is a article that clearly explains it in God's Word.

We see all over how man made Sunday church is using music to pack the pews and to make people think they are worshiping God that way but it is all fake, just like their practiced unbiblical music. 

Lives lived in biblical daily holiness and obedience is true worship of God not musical shows. ( see Romans 12:1-2 )

Knowing that instrumental music is not for today,
did you know that there are claimed modern day Christians who are traveling around and have made a whole ministry out of instrumental music? They often have fancy tour buses, recording studios and they are traveling, singing and selling this music, all as a so called biblical ministry. They do NOT preach the gospel as Jesus called us to do but they just make instrumental music to woo listeners & tickle ears as they get paid for it. How sinful! We have seen a rash of music ministries over our travels and we are here to help expose them as false and deceivers. 

For the following reasons we would warn you against these false man made fake unbiblical music ministries: 

1) They do not proclaim the biblical gospel nor teach people to come out of the world/false religion and to obey all of Jesus commands  ( Mark 16 / Matt 28 )

2) Instrumental music is fleshly and has passed away for God's body. Per Ephesians 5 we are to sing to each other with our lips, from our heart, not put on shows with emotional beats, practiced singers and professional musicians

3) Nowhere in NT scripture do we see a music ministry exampled at all. We are to keep Paul's traditions 2 Thessalonians 2:15 and music ministry cant be found as it is made of fleshly man.

4) They often use computers to tweak, enhance, dub, remix and make perfect their songs and this is fake lies, prideful and vain 
( God hates lies and pride Prov 6 ) 

5) They often get on a stage and do solo singing with ladies or men lifted up for a great voices and again this is NOT modeled ANYWHERE in the Holy Word but is really pride and vanity. 

6) It is usually done for money $$$$$ making them music hirelings
turning the act of singing onto God.... into GAIN!

7) They are most often ecumenical meaning they will compromise God's Word to go sing and further their ill ministries at many unbiblical heretical religious places 

8) Their lyrics are often unbiblical, not theological and thus they make God's Word void as they woo with emotions. 
In short, instrumental music ministries are unbiblical, very fleshly and tickling the ears when we are to be in the spirit to please the Lord. 

Romans 8:1
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Romans 8:8
So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. 

Here are examples of some of the false unbiblical music ministries we have come across, we tried to instruct in love and then exposed as they reject truth for their fleshly ways:

The fact is, God commanded we preach it and people are transformed by the gospel being PREACHED .... not by fleshly instrumental practiced music being performed on a stage! If you study it in His Word, you will see that this type of ministry is not found in scripture anywhere but is a false way of man. We encourage you to sing with your voice only and to only sing with saints you are biblically united to lest you corrupt the body and let leaven ( sin ) in. 

We pray you get out of this and all false ways and seek God in spirit and truth. John 4:24

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God be praised

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