Praying With Unbelievers For Evangelism... Is It Biblical?


The following is a quick article to test the VERY common practice we see in most ministry circles and today's churches:
praying with people of the world for salvation. 

Is this a biblical practice?

Jesus said do NOT pray in the streets and to pray in private:
(Matt 6:5 and Matt 6:6

Let me frame the area of concern that I see then we will go to the Word for our truth. I see many street preachers and pastors doing a lot of sinners prayers for salvation / praying with people in the streets (even those who do not claim to be born of Christ). I often have men (who I have NO clue what they teach or who they are united to) asking to pray with me and I lovingly decline. I explain that prayer is a private matter and it is ONLY modeled in scripture with and by true saints who knew each other, not just anyone.  

Is it biblical or modeled by Jesus and the NT saints, who we are to imitate per 1 Cor 11?

No, you will not find one instance of this happening in scripture. Do men in ministry really think they can improve on God's Son or His disciples ways of reaching people for salvation?

Lets discuss this:

1) Sinners prayers are NEVER modeled in the NT Word. 
(Praying with others, even telling them what to say.) 
It is a VERY unbiblical and modern way to get more people into the "so called" church but it is NOT of God nor His true gospel path to eternal life. It is the invention and practice of heretics like Billy Sunday, Charles Finny, Billy Graham and Franklin Graham. See sinners prayers exposed here in an article I did a while back:

2) Praying in person "with" unbelievers ( non born again ) to draw them to God is NEVER modeled in the NT Word either. In Acts 2, the ultimate gospel message ever preached, there was no praying with them to warm men up. (No emotional music by the way.) There was the Word (gospel) preached, then the Holy Spirit was allowed to move, convict and work to bring men to true repentance then new life. 2 Cor 5:17

Today we see many false street teachers / modern pastors using prayer  "with" those who are NOT in the body of Christ as a man centered fleshly tool but it is NOT of God. It may be emotional  and help fill up more pews but it does NOT create true born again, holy, obedient saints. 

Jesus and Paul were our examples and what did they teach and model about prayer and praying? Jesus said do it in private, (He Himself never prayed with others) and we later see ONLY true saints (Paul) praying with other true saints in the body. 

In Holy scripture we NEVER  see true believers praying with ( or even "for" ) those NOT born of or committed to Christ anywhere in the Holy Word. It was never used as an evangelist tool as false men do today and so I reject it out right. Here is an article on prayer that I did with many scriptures for back up:
Here are more articles that expose public prayer and prayer with those you do not know:

Sinful un-regenerated man does NOT get close to a Holy God or gain eternal life because some street preacher or pastor prays a prayer (with or over them) and tells him what to say/pray. No, it is Jesus Christ who died to save and draw men to Him. It is via the truth of the Word and the Spirit's work inside them as they repent and yield to God that determines the out come. I tell men to get alone and cry out to God if you are repenting and allow the spirit to do a work in you. We have no example of NT saints or Jesus praying with people in the streets or in sinners prayers. 

Note: we can pray FOR someone but it should not be in a public showy way as we are to pray in private per Jesus. Read Matt 6 

We are simply told to preach the Word 2 Timothy 4:2 and preach the gospel Mark 16:15.  Not to break from God's design and model to try to coerce or "pray with people" to get them into the kingdom ourselves. If this was the best way then Paul, Jesus and the disciples would have modeled it for us under the Holy Spirit's guidance and He did NO such thing!

I will let you ponder that......

Repent and obey the gospel to eternal life to come.


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God be praised