Sack Cloth and Ashes Are Not For Today

Note: go here to see the large testing that exposes many sins and false ways of Phillip Blair:

 There are false teachers who are using this old testament way called sack cloth and ashes to further their heretical ministries online and get media attention. I did an audio teaching to show you that while we see it in scripture, it is NOT for the NT body of Christ today.

God will resurrect it one day in the tribulation but NOT men today. It will happen in the last days in Israel with the 2 witnesses that God ordains it for. It is not for America today as worldly men make a mockery of the Lords ways.

Listen and test this teaching to the Word of God and be edified:

Do not be deceived by false, worldly, heretical and compromised men just because they do such stunts for more internet fame. 

The Lord will judge them for it lest they repent!

God be praised


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