Five Fold Ministry Explained / Exposed

Recently this topic came up and I felt it was time to address it for the body of Christ. The idea of a 5 fold ministry comes from Ephesians 4:11

And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

There are men who claim that we must have these 5 areas at work in the body to be viable and be fully functioning.  Groups like the New Apostolic Reformation and some kingdom groups today are pushing for this 5 fold model. As we unpack this topic, we cannot deny this verse exists but how is it to be applied today correctly? Are there other verses to consider? Mainstream Christianity will tell you that what is for today is evangelist, pastors and teachers. I lean towards this as those roles did not call for the sign and wonders we see it scripture so they are viable today as a part of the body. 

Five Fold Theology

If you do your history study, you will see that it was only within the last 150 years or so (mostly in the 1900's due to charismatic groups rising up) that the idea of a 5 fold ministry came to gain a footing. There are heretical groups like the NAR/C. Peter Wagner, some Anabaptist Kingdom groups and even emerging church people like Allan Hirsch that have been for decades and are pushing this 5 fold model for today. Before the charismatic denominations sprang up (mostly after that strange manifestation called Azusa street in 1906) the general conscientious was the office of Prophet and Apostle was closed and not needed. I myself always find the truth in the middle of the road not in the ditches of men so lets get to it.  

There is a popular term going around called APEST taught by a emergent church heretic Allan Hirsch. ( it means Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepard Teacher and he is onto forming it to work in bodies and even in business following the Peter Drucker model that led to heretics like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels of seeker sensistive heretic fame ) See Hirsch exposed below....     

After study the 5 Fold theology, I only see 3 main possibilities that can exist regarding this topic: 

1) TRUE Apostles and Prophets "do exist" in the same way as in biblical times with new and miracle signs today.

2) TRUE Apostles and Prophets are no longer needed or even possible as we have a foundation set (the NT body and the Word)

3) You could have Apostles and Prophets today in "title only" but NOT in the role or power they once had or served. 

Lets consider those 3: 

TRUE Prophets and Apostles cannot be true as the Word of God is sealed today and God no longer speaks through men/Prophets but the Word. See Rev 22 & Heb 1 / Also, true Apostles and Prophet were known by signs and wonders. 2 Cor 2:12  so until men are raising the dead with eye witnesses, I say there are no TRUE offices of these two today as they existed in the bible. They had a specific purpose but it has passed and was completed.

Eph 2:20 says they are the foundation with Christ. 

And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; 

It is not sound, wise, thinkable or even feasible to claim that we are STILL building the foundation so I say the office of TRUE prophets and Apostles is closed. As for TRUE Apostles, they were either with Christ, saw Him after the resurrection or they were with TRUE Apostles directly. 

Here some verses tell us what a Apostle was and they all involve seeing or being picked by Christ:

1 Cor 9:1, 1 Cor 15:7-8, Gal 1:1, Acts 1:2 and Luke 6:13 

(there were others called Aposltes but even they were directly working with those called by Christ Himself)

See an article here on NO True Apostles and Prophets for Today:

It is not possible to be a TRUE Apostle today; in that same way. What is possible is that men could be acting as Prophets / Apostles in name only and not with the same power. Meaning; they can speak forth God's Word (Prophet) not new revelation or they are sent ones (Apostles) to go do ministry work. I myself see number 2 as the only sure truth with the option of number 3 "possible" but I am totally uncomfortable calling any man a Prophet or Apostle today. I can speak forth the Word of God and I can be a sent messenger but; I do NOT want the titles of Prophet or Apostle. 

*Number 2 is what I believe best meets what we see in scripture and it is what I teach and hold; until someone can prove other wise in the Word. 

Note: be careful of seeking signs and wonders as Jesus said that will be part of the deception in the last days in Matt 24. The NAR is all about that today as false Prophets and Apostles and these other groups have much sin and heresy so beware! See links that exposed them below at the end of this article.

 There is a minor 4th possibility some have claimed and it actually takes this whole 5 fold doctrine totally apart. Look at 1 Cor 12 and Romans 12 and if you count up the folds seen there, you are up to 28 types of actions/functions in the church. Why do they ignore these for just five they would ask? 

Whatever you take away from that point and this article, clearly the 5 Fold Ministry that we see today via these suspect heretic groups is NOT what is for today in the true NT body. Scripture is our guide and I do not see the need for Prophets and Apostles as they were used in the first century when God started His NT body. I stand on what I have always said to the 5 Fold false teachers who say; "nothing has changed since Acts 2". 

Oh really?

Call me when I can come see/witness the wind rush in, flaming tongues of fire on mens heads, the dead raised, cancer and covid healed and when you go to a distance land and do not need a interpreter to speak to them using the gift of tongues. 

Not one false teacher has taken me up on this yet in many years of challenging them. I am waiting still NAR?????

We have our foundation folks in Christ/the Word, the Prophets and Apostles. We can indeed proclaim His Word and we can go to reach others but it is not done as it was in the first century with those same offices. 

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Stay clear of these false men and groups, stay in the Word of God!

God be praised


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