Anabaptist Errors (Mennonite, Amish, German Baptist etc.)

Many people think that the anabaptist type believers are doctrinally sound, obedient and separated in the way God's Word calls His followers to be.  Is this true?  We at test all things and hold fast to what is good as instructed (1 Thessalonians 5:21)  so as we discern the world around us and the ministries people bring up to us, we cannot fail to test even those which have the appearance of godliness such as the anabaptist type groups.

Although the Anabaptist type denominations have much correct and obey in many ways, there are still many areas that they are incorrect, thus leading people away from the truth of God's Word and off the narrow road.  (Matthew 7) Here is a list of the errors (sin) inside the anabaptist religion that we, in love, go to them with to try to reason in the Word to bring them into truth.  Many reject God's Word in these areas and so we list them to help people who are involved in the Anabaptist faith see though the false, man made traditions and rituals that Jesus warred against.

* The Gospel.  We talk to Mennonite/Amish/German Baptist people and not once have we heard them proclaim a biblical gospel. They are teaching and being taught to just believe, have faith and invite Jesus into your heart.  This is a false gospel and sinful.  Here is a link to a biblical gospel of faith, repentance, being born from above (born into God's family), obedience and endurance until the end.

* Their lack of proclaiming the gospel as part of the great commission.  It's a good thing they don't at this time because it's a false gospel, but they are still in sin as believers are commanded to 'go and preach the gospel'.  Most Anabaptist groups cloister up in their communities and believe that people will just see Jesus through their life lived.  Although our living witness is very valuable and commanded in scripture, it's sinful to only obey that and not proclaim the gospel. 

* Most Anabaptist type are born an Anabaptist (Mennonite, Amish/German Baptist) and not born from above-born into God's family spiritually (John 3:3), therefore they are not in the body of Christ but instead in the body of Mennonites, Amish or German Baptist etc.  (Read an article able signs that you are born from above:

* They claim the name of a man (Menno Simons, Holdeman or Jakob Amman and many other off shoots of them).  This is sinful because we are not to claim any name except that of Jesus.
Here is an article on claiming the name of Menno We should claim the name of no man except Christ Jesus.

*  They call Sunday the Lord's Day.  This is sinful as nowhere in scripture do we see Sunday becoming the Lord's day.  Read an article here about that:

* They have a building centered mindset: 'going to church' on what they call the Lord's Day.  Rarely do we ever encounter an Anabaptist type person who wants to discuss God's Word in depth and see what scriptures show as they take care of all that in their ritual Sunday gathering.  See an article here that exposes the building centered mindset:

*  Their ritual Sunday gathering is not let by the Holy Spirit but instead run by a clock and the leaders.  Their assemblies are always at the same time and normally last about the same each week.

* The women are immodest.  Women sew their dresses tight and form fitting and use fabrics that cling to the form.  We see the little girls are dressed in loose dresses but as soon as a girl turns into a woman they sew dresses to show off their form. This is shameful. Many are adorned with patterns on their clothing which goes against 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Peter 3.  Read a series of articles here about biblical dress.

* The women are not biblically headcovered.  Most wear either a cap or a bun covering of specific size, pleats, certain ties/strings etc.  God's Word says a veil. Read an article here about biblical headcovering:

* The men are immodest. Men wear tucked in shirts into pants that are not loose, showing off their forms.  Many are adorned with patterns on the clothing. Read an article about clothing for Christian men:

* Many women are feminized.  Many are not quiet and do not allow the husbands to lead in spiritual matters, nor in many ways of the home.  Many are not shamefaced and they boldly confront men instead of standing aside and allowing the men to discourse. Read an article on feminism here:

* They practice ritual foot washing instead of following the spiritual example.  Once or twice a year is the norm and they ritually take turns washing each others feet yet they will ignore, walk away from, turn away, mock or lie about those who want to speak of truth in God's Word. Here is an article on foot washing and the real meaning:

* They do not practice the true Lord's Supper.  They do as the rest of the protestant groups do and that is a tidbit communion of a piece of bread or cracker and a thimble of wine or juice. Read an article about what the Lord's supper really is:

* They do have multiple elders but those are the only men who normally teach and lead the 'services' instead of an open gathering with all men participating. Here is an article on how men are to all participate:

* They are ecumenical and believe that anyone who claims the name of Christ that belongs to the groups under the reformation, (denominational / evangelical are Christians. Read about ecumenicalism:

* Many claim that technology is sinful yet often they have their church name and address on the internet and are 'allowed' to use it if they go to the library, borrow someone elses, or if they have it in their homes they have to have a program that broadcasts their browser history to others.  This negates the power of the holy spirit to guide a person from sin and instead puts the power of obedience on a man making the rules.  

* Many claim that they are not to judge yet they harshly judge those who bring the truth.  Scriptures teach that believers are to judge the body and the way to judge is by a person's fruit.  Many Mennonites, when exhorted to repent from their sinful ways, will judge the messenger and call him unloving and disrespectful.  Isn't that judging?  That's a hypocrite. Read about judging rightly:

*Most don't know God's full Word.  They walk around with a bible before and after their 'church service' but when asked questions about what God's Word teaches, they have no answers and don't know where to look.  Learn how to biblically discern:

* They often won't open the bible and read it.  Most of them, when confronted about their sinful ways, will not open a bible when asked to sit down and go over scriptures to help them see through their man made ways. John 3:19-21 explains why they do this.

* Most are brainwashed into thinking that individuality is sinful.  We have asked them to show us that in the scriptures but they can't, they can only tell us with their man made philosophy that you are esteeming yourself or exalting yourself above others if you have your own idividuality.  Because of this practice they don't think or act for themselves, they simply follow the false, sinful man made religious traditions without testing them to scripture. 

 They sinfully lift up their elders to a place of total rule over the body.  Many submit to the rules even when they can see they go against scripture or their conscience then they claim Hebrews 13:17 obeying those who rule over you.  They need to go read Acts 5:29.  Read about obeying those who 'rule' over you.

* Many in the communal living lift the body life up over the truth of God's Word.  Meaning that when a new believer comes into their body, that new believer is taught to esteem the body more than truth and if they see something unscriptural or sinful going on, they are to overlook it and continue on in the body.  This clearly goes against Matthew 18 or Romans 16:17 or 2 Thessalonians 3.

* They often have single bishops lording over the various body's having control where God's Word teaches against this.

* They teach that 2 Thessalonians 2:15 teaches to keep traditions handed down to them from their Anabaptist fore-fathers.  This is incorrect as Paul is teaching to keep the traditions he (Paul) handed down, which would be biblical traditions, not Mennonite, Amish, German Baptist (man made) traditions.

*  They do not have love of the brethren. 1 John 3 says those who do not love the brethren do not have God.  Read about loving the brethren.

* They practice the 'holy kiss' but are hypocrites when it comes to loving the true brethren.  Read about the holy kiss here:

*  They stand on non-resistance but they resist the truth when given to them. 

* They create many unbiblical man made rules that cause people to follow them instead of God's Word and be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Instead they are guided by man's rules.

* They practice pagan holidays like Christ-mass, Easter, Ascension Day, birthdays etc. Read about holidays here:

* They teach dangerous doctrines that tear godly families apart about divorce/remarriage after conversion that even their 'fore-fathers that they lift up' (like Menno) didn't teach. Read an article here:

* They focus on Matthew 5 Sermon on the mount and exalt Jesus word's over and above the rest of the New Testament.  

* They exalt the character trait meekness over and above obedience to all of God's Word.

* Their roots place them back to the 16th century, not back to the New Testament ekklesia of Christ.

* Most have a Pharisee mindset about themselves, on the outside they look proper and godly but their fruit shows their hearts are far from the truth.  

* They are in spiritual adultery against God in many areas (as listed above).

Many of the anabaptist groups are very deceptive and can deceive true believers looking for truth as they seem biblical to an undiscerning follower of Christ.  We pray they repent and come to the full truth of God in obedience through faith.

We are here to help you.

God be praised!