American Patriotism ...Where Did It Come From and Is It Idolatry

It is that time of the year again and American flags are everywhere with patriotic slogans included. 

The Fourth of July....

Just today we saw a denominational building with a sign that said this:

God Blessed America Because America Blessed God

We would ask that modern pastor there so where in God's Word does it tell us to lift up a nation along with Gods Holy name? The fact is patriotism is nowhere in Gods Word at all.

It got us thinking it raised our curiosity about how US patriotism and God got so linked together when as we said; it is NOT taught in the Holy scriptures at all. ( Israel is the only nation God has His hand/eye on for eternity )

It has been many years since we read much detail on the American revolution so we dug in and tried to verify first why the revolution was really fought? Was it for godly reasons or for man made gain?
This matters since patriotism and God are always so closely linked together by many American's today and especially in the denominational religious places as well. But where does that come from? ( Not to the holy bible that is for sure. )

After we did some research as we thought... America broke from England mostly over money ( taxes )  and political control. It was the pilgrims who came here for religious freedom many years before as  they fled the Kings false church in England. So how was this patriotism linked to God here in America anyway?

We found a article that stated American protestant clergy men in pulpits ( a unbiblical position ) were "used" to stir up the colony people in the pews to win over Britain in war and they inferred from their sermons that God hand His hand on America and would use it to build His 1000 year reign to come. This was an obvious lie and propaganda by men who are to walk in truth.

Ask yourself....
Could you see the Apostle Paul or Jesus preach a holy message then rip off their coats and go shoot and kill people over money? As you may know, American preachers were famous for that stunt and while it was great courage; it was not biblical by any means at all. The fact is that the New Testament has a much greater and better focus for His true people does it not? It is the preaching the gospel and living for Him in holiness and obedience and not making war!

When they finally won over the Brits it was quickly passed off as a "miracle of God" and since George Washington was known to have a type of faith ( some question what type? ) that was also focused on and that is how all of this patriotism is so linked with God still today. They believed then that God had a special favor/plans for the USA and people today still are buying into it though it has no root of truth from the bible at all. Thus all the God and patriotism in America was born.

After that a type of cult thought was embraced known as dominion-ism. This is where Christians are taught to build God's kingdom here by taking the land, government and moralizing everything in God's name and it is growing even stronger yet today. The truth is the bible an Christ teach us to preach the gospel and He told us that His kingdom was not of this world!

What is puzzling is the Colonists claimed to have a faith in God back then but no where in God's Word does it tell His true people to go to war and start killing people over money and political freedom does it? On the contrary it says to obey the laws of the land (Britain at that time) until they defy Gods law. Romans 13

Jesus even said give to Caesar what is Caesar's.... regarding taxes.

So in the end... we verified they fought over money, they made up the "God and patriotism line" to stir up the citizens to fight and they actually went against God's Word in the process, fought and killed to have more money ( less taxes ) and freedom.

Would you today pick up arms and start killing people in Washington over taxes and political control? They did it back then and today many so called Christians are celebrating it. How can this be? Today we hear some talk about a revolution again but what happened in 1776 is not what honors God at all per the teachings in His Word.

Amazingly today most Americans/ even denominational people still go around saying/singing "God bless America" ( We did once to) when in this land:

It is legal to murder millions of babies a year ( over 50 million since 1973 )
It exports more porn then anyone
It is embracing sodomite marriage as normal
It is ever more secular, antichrist and pagan
It is joining the antichrist new world order more each year
Pleasure seeking, pro sports and Hollywood entertainment is the true god here
The youth are lost in sex, violence entertainment and the adults allow it and join them having no spiritual truth anchor.
Modern false denominational religion is on every corner teaching lies and mans traditions... not God's full truth
Satanic Islam and socialism are consuming the land and its laws
very few people know, honor and practice His Holy Word at all.....

But still the "God and patriotism " goes on blindly it seems?

It must be noted that other than Israel, God doesn't honor nations in His big picture eternal future.... He deals with individuals through His Son Christ. We understand how much freedom and good living we have here, I really do but that doesn't change history and the sinful facts does it?

Everyone thinks having plenty and the good life is best when it is a fact... God's glory and His true church grows when it is being persecuted. Look at what happens to a nation when it has plenty and the good life, but no God ... see America today!

God's Word has many warnings ( Romans 1 ) about what happens when you go your own way and don't cling to His ways.
It means judgment and destruction, not blessings ......

American "God n patriotism" is really a false tradition of man as it is not found in God's Word or ways for His true holy people. God requires full allegiance to Him and not to anything else or any land. Sadly this is what makes this massive American patriotism into unbiblical idolatry.

Have you ever considered this American patriotism is nothing more then idolatry?

Interesting to consider indeed on this long holiday weekend.

Strive hard in the truth and test all things. 1 thess 5.21

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