Python Spirit is a Lie

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Does the bible teach there is a special "spirit of python"? 

Answer : 
No, it does not!

This article on a so called "Python spirit" is in response to the various false teachers who are trying to teach people there is a literal PYTHON spirit that affects people today. So where are they getting this false way from? 

As usual it is from false religion and a twisting of God's Holy word to get there as they twist it to meet their theology verse just getting at the truth. 

First, they twist truth as hindu's believe in a serpentine spirit that affects ones inner being. This in NO WAY proves it exists as it is satan and his demons at work here. 

Second they twist God's Word......

Acts 16:16 KJV
And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:

If you read Acts 16 you see it was a spirit if divination ( a spirit ) but false teachers try to go after more to make a ill idea of a python spirit work. 

Some ( like false teacher Phillip Blair of Torch of Christ Ministries / see him exposed below) try to use translations like Youngs that says this in Acts 16:16:

And it came to pass in our going on to prayer, a certain maid, having a spirit of Python, did meet us, who brought much employment to her masters by soothsaying,

So why does this word... Python... appear here and is it correct to say there is a actual python spirit?

If men who claim to read/teach the Word of God would only study to be approved ( 2 Tim 2:15 ) they would see the clear truth and not twist the Word to their ill gain thus deceiving others. 

The Greek Word is puthon and it means either....

1) Greek mythological name of the pthyian spirit that dwelt in Delphi and was slain by Apollos


2) a spirit of divination

If we use wisdom and we pick the meaning that best fits the context and the rest of God's Word; it is a spirit of divination that fits and that is what KJV says.

Why is that correct?

A pythian spirit is a Greek mythological name for a serpent that was located in the region of Delphi. Get that... it is Greek Mythology, it does not exist!!! It is also said this dragon was slain by Apollos who did not exist. This is all myth and NOT of God's truth at all so how could any godly man or teacher believe in this twisted meaning?

If they say there is a python spirit, they must also say there was a god named Apollos who once killed him. 

This is total foolishness, mysticism and heresy... run from them!!!

By looking to the root word and understanding it, we see it was only a reference in Greek to divination/spirit (a python spirit was rumored in Greek mythology to have taken place in a region) This in NO way teaches a "actual" python spirit exists at all per God's Holy Word. 

How can we know this?

By good bible study.....

1) in the OT Word ..the term divination is never about a named spirit ( not any certain named one like Python .... ) 

2) Nowhere in God's Word does it ever teach anything about certain named spirits like a python or a Jezebel or any other special spirit. 

Note: they try to will say in Genesis satan worked through a serpent but this is adding to God's Word by a long stretch and it is dangerous. It is how these men come up with generational curses, puking out demons, soul wounds, fake healing's and demonic slain the spirit ways. They are in sin and error taking many with them including their false gospel as well. 

God's Word rightly teaches there is a devil and there are demons
Anything more is ADDING to God's Word and if you do that; you are in danger of hell fire! ( Rev 22 and Deut 4 ) 

Do not be deceived by such false "deliverance ministry" men's and their ill theology. They make up many false ways and they are clearly lying. Sadly the full truth is NOT in them.

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Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1 Tim 4:1

Study for yourself and do not just accept what men say as truth, including me. Please test all things. see 1 Thess 5:21

Jesus commanded we NOT be deceived in Matt 24 and please know....there is NO spirit of python!

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