Street Preaching at Missouri University Football

We had a glorious day street preaching the gospel at this worldly  Missouri University during their homecoming football game. About 60,000 people go to their games and we had a large portion of of them walk right by us as I lifted up Christ! 

Some highlights:
* a police officer made an awesome parking place for us
*some admitted they are living in sin and need to repent
*we had many mockers and haters
*many so called Christians defended the worldly event
*we saw MASSIVE idolatry, drunken-ness and harlotry
*we had to deal with a vile, angry, fleshly, cussing Black Hebrew Israelite lady (that is what they call themselves)
*I got to preach to the entire marching band, twice!
*many people took gospel cards and God was glorified

Go to the link and see MANY videos to edify you in the faith as God's truth goes out!

Note: We do not yell angrily at sinners, we do not call people vile names or make a fleshly scene with mockers. No, we just go to lift up Jesus Christ and His death, burial, resurrection as we warn them of God's wrath that is coming; all to the saving of their souls!

Go to this link to see why carnal sports are NOT for the Holy child of God:

God be praised


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