Fire of God Explained

Many false charismatic types today are using the term "the fire of God" and it is driving a world wide, fake, emotional type of man made Christianity involving a so called fire of God! They often use terms when preaching or praying like:

* The fire of God come
* Let the fire fall on you
* I call down the fire now
* Let the fire of God spread
* The fire of God really fell tonight

It is common to see charismatic people/preachers getting all emotional, jumping and screaming in a so called fire of God moment. Often they also link emotional instrumental music to these fleshly religious events. Is this exampled in God's Holy NT Word anywhere at all for His true body? No, it is not!

What does all of this mean in the light of Holy scripture which is our final authority for truth and for how we are to function as His body today? Should we all be looking for fire or feeling God's fire today? As a biblical Berean ( Acts 17 ) who loves and studies God's Holy Word, I did a word search in the Old and New Testament bible and in the KJV bible the word fire is used:

436 times in the OT
79 times in the NT

In the OT, fire had a obvious very active role as God's wrath was moving then openly, He was speaking to & using fire through Prophets as well as in His dealings with the Levitical priesthood / Israel. But now because of Christ, we are in a time of grace and the NT word shows a different view of fire. For this article and since we all today are to walk in the NT Word not the Old, lets focus on how fire is spoken of and to come today in the NEW to Christ's people in His body.  

Of the 79 times the word "fire" is used in the NT scriptures:

30.. times fire is used to describe actual eternal hell
17.. times fire describes God's judgement
14 ...times it speaks of fire as real fire
7.. times it describes God or angels 
4 ...times does fire speak of a actual "baptism on men"
3 ...times fire is said to burn off a mans works
1 ...time fire is spoken of about God
1 ...time disciples ask for fire to consume men / they get rebuked
1...time fire speaks of satan's action in the last days
1 ... time fire speaks of angels/ministers

Did you see something amazing there?
Only 4 times out of 79 times used does fire ever speak of an actual "baptism on men" in God's Word! This is very telling....

So what was that baptism of fire all about?

Well, to the point of this article, the overwhelming evidence that this so called fire of God was not displayed nor used as these false men of the charismatic denominations claim it still will be today. 

This fire mentioned ONLY 4 times is clearly what happened in Acts 2 with the spirit falling and actual tongues of fire on them as the spoke in other languages to be a sign/witness to the many there from different nations. Did we ever see that same holy spirit function that way in the rest of scripture? 

NO, not at all! It was a one time event. ( the actual tongues of fire and rushing wind ) 

So I ask, is this same type of fire falling today via ranting / yelling preachers as these false man made religious types will claim? 
The biblical evidence says NO, not at all and I offer some key points in scripture tell us why:

1) It was God who sent down the fire of baptism that day in Acts 2 not any man! 

2) We do not see 1 single example of any men of God/preachers calling down a so called fire of God.... for evangelistic / salvation purposes!

3) There is NO real evidence it is happening today like what we saw in Acts 2 such as real tongues of fire and a mighty rushing wind. ( it was a one time event that God did not men ) 

If we are really to follow Holy scripture and the men that God picked ( holy NT disciples ) as our truth and example, these facts lead us to only one conclusion. This idea of God's fire coming still down today in revival or falling on people in some emotional outburst for salvation is not of God today but of man mage false ways! I lovingly offer up it is being used by satan to deceive millions in the false pentecostal, word of faith and NAR movements. Some practices to also be cautious of that have crept into the "false fire influence" religious systems today are: 

*Deliverance ministries who see demons in everything (depression, lust etc) and have a focus on emotional spirit casting out and generational curses (this is all made of man, not rooted in scripture at all.) 

*Slain in the spirit / falling over/fainting by God's holy spirit ( this is false and not exampled ANYWHERE in the Holy Word ) See my article that exposes it here:

*Specific demons like Python and Jezebel ( while demons exist these spirits are all made up by men  ) See my article that exposes them here:

*Feeling hot or fire on your body in a emotional spiritual situation
( it cannot be found in God's Holy Word )

Most of these antics today are done for pure deception, due to traditions of man, also for show, to fill up pews, to raise money and to give people something to FEEL regarding God vs repentance, walking in faith, reading and obeying the Word God in full that has given us to follow. Clearly they are NOT of God!

Hebrews 5:9
And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

Need more evidence these types of fake fire breathing men/systems are not of God? Most all of them are linked to the false Sunday worldly, ritualized, paganized and feminzed systems of religious man. How can they be of God as well I ask? 

See this 10 point biblical test that exposes their false systems.

****I did a video on several questions Charismatic people/preachers will not answer as it totally exposes them. You can hear it at this link:
Look for the title: Charismatic Theology Exposed under discernment video's ( it asks questions they will NOT answer )

I assure you, based on scripture, the path to God and eternal life is found in the biblical gospel and it does not include seeking some strange fire or emotional feelings. See that path to eternal life  here:

In closing, do not be deceived by these charismatic false snake oil salesman. Unless you can see a clear "on going pattern" in God's Word and ways for His NT body up to today, do not fall for these false ways of religious demonic man. The godly saints after the book of Acts fire fell preached the biblical gospel, called men to repent, to follow and obey Jesus in a daily biblical lives as a living sacrifice/Romans 12:1-2. ( today, there is NO fire involved in salvation or serving God!!! ) True saints of God were not then and are NOT to be led now by such fleshly emotional ways ( fire seeking ) that these sinful preachers live by today so you must reject them per Romans 16:17 

Please just study your bible and avoid such men, or like them 
you will get burned in hell's fire to come!


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