Slain in The Spirit is Kundalini Occult

The charismatic way of "slain in the spirit" is NOT of God and I put some video clips together below to show you why. The very same "so called" move of the Spirit of God in pentecostal / charismatic places looks exactly like what the Hindu occult Guru's do when they use occult Kundalini spirit therapy. They believe in a serpent spirit that lives in your spine and they try to tap into it. 
They meditate, hear music, touch foreheads, they pray / chant and people fall over like dead or have physical manifestations under this spirit's influence; just like the false charismatic slain in the spirit ways.

Don't believe me? Please see these video clips below all from a Hindi guru master:

Do not be deceived. What is happening today in charismatic circles/places is a false spirit move of satan; NOT of the Father in heaven. All of the out breaks/false preachers that have been known from Azusa street in 1906 to Kenneth Hagen to Brownsville to Benny Hinn to Lakeland to Rodney Howard Brown to Todd Bentley and now the NAR false groups like Bethel/Bill Johnson; have all helped pass these false spirit ways on into the unbiblical charismatic circles. Millions are being deceived by it and so we must speak out!

Here is a article that refutes John 18 and Mark 9 that they try to say is examples of slain in the spirit in the bible. That is a lie!

See this article that contains other articles and proves these ways do not line up with scripture:

Repent and serve God in spirit and truth not these false ways!


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God be praised