Dress For Christian Men

Today's religious places and denominations of man are more often following the culture then God's Holy Word. One example is: look at how they dress and conduct themselves in this vile culture. Having said that, it seems there is little out there on teachings for biblical dress for Christians. Oh, there is more on biblical dress for ladies but not much on how should a born again Christian man dress for God's glory and it is important, so we need to cover it. 
( God does care how we dress as he placed Adam and Eve in long loose clothes after they sinned!)

In the past, we have covered in depth the aspect of why we wear clothes and dress for Christian ladies and you can go here to read all about the theology of it with scriptures and all. 

What we teach for ladies is what God's Word commands for them. A long loose dress that hides their form and is NOT adorned with things to draw attention to them

Read Genesis 3:21 and see that God covered men and ladies in tunic like robes and we ask when did that ever change?
( look at the Hebrew word it means a tunic or robe ) 

As we show in the articles, scripture commands ladies dress this way. It is also true for some reason, God does not state specifically on dress for men in the NT word. So in order to teach on men's dress rather then make up our own rules, we need to see the spirit of why God clothed humans, what is consistent with His holiness and what pleases Him. 

This is a serious thing as our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit if you are born of God. 1 Cor 3 
How should we cover it then? 

This article link below talks about the differences between man and woman in the area of dress and it shines light on how men should dress today using scripture.

For this article, I will not post all the scripture ( see our articles for that ) but I simply want to just show via some graphic's / pictures to help guide us in what is good and pure 
( Philippians 4:8 ) for God's men in their dress. Perhaps these pictures will help show us men how to put on our clothes to better serve and represent a Holy God. ( He always called out Israel in such ways didn't He and he still is concerned about our dress today? )

Note: before reading on in this article, the link below would ground you in the theology of clothes/why we even wear them?


Next, for many in the world / man made religion, this is dressed up but I ask, is it godly?

The answer is no it is not as it is tight, form showing and it says look at me via its fashion!


How about a simple button up long sleeve shirt, is this biblical?

No it is not as it is tight and shows off the form that God intended to cover. 


A better biblical option would be a loose button up long sleeve shirt shown below with a dded under layer for length. Notice the length so it covers the private parts of a man? This meets the spirit of the robe/tunic God covered man in the garden and through out the ages. 


How about pants / jeans that we wear under the tunic. The style common today is tight leg skinny jean. Are these bibilical?

No, as they again show off the human form that clothes are meant to hide due to our sin.


Compare those skinny jeans to a loose pair that hide the form below. Hopefully your getting the point now? With loose clothes there is NO human form to look at only fabric and that is biblical!


Here is a typical shirt below many men will wear in a warm climate, yet is it biblical? 

No, it is not as not only does it allow your form to be shown it is adorned ( in this case with a sports number or player ) By wearing this your approving of a worldly thing ( sports ) and saying look at my chest and arms. 


Compare the above brightly adorned cut off sports shirt with a plain long loose button up shirt that meets the spirit of God covering up a mans form. 


As I said, many are caught up in the wearing of things that promote or highlight things of the fallen world and by placing them your body as a believer you are adorning your temple. Did you know your body is THE temple of God today if your born of Him? ( see 1 Corinthians 6:19 ) So if God built a temple today, would you go there and toss sports flag or jersey on it? I think not! This is NOT biblical dress for your temple ( see our teaching blog for articles on why the NFL/sports are ungodly.) 


We have covered that means dress should be loose and long enough to cover private areas and we touched on putting things on your clothes as well. How about the adorning issue? The biblical teaches ladies to NOT adorn in 1 Peter 3. Why would we put anything on our temples besides a plain colored fabric. Here is a man (who is a modern pastor) and it shows the things he would wear and show to the world. Is this biblical, good and godly or adorned to make people notice him?

No it is NOT biblical and while it comes close to meeting the loose and long spirit of God's Word for clothes, it is adorned to make a dumb statement frankly! Would Paul or Jesus wear this to gain attention? Please say no they would not proving you really know who and what they were, holy in all their ways! 


Adorning comes in all kinds of forms. Now sometimes adorning could serve a purpose and this becomes more difficult to discern. ( Like safety orange or if you going into the woods to harvest a deer to feed your family, a camo shirt to blend in may be just fine. But ask yourself, is the camo fine for covering your temple going out into the world to bee sen by others? I myself do not think so if the goal is to NOT draw attention to yourself and dress biblically.  


Let's face it, plain means plain. Unadorned means NO adorning. You may need to pray about this but I have decided I will only cover my temple with plain clothes, though I once did adorn myself up. You may say, oh Jim your a legal-ist as plaid is just fine. Really? 
The bigger issue is not just the plaid but what plaid leads to. 
Let me explain. 
If a Christian dad says I am ok wearing plaid, his sons sees it and says well, then I can wear strips then. The sister sees the stripes and says well then I can wear flowers then. The mom sees it all and says, I am ok with words on my zebra blouse covering my chest. Do you see the issue? The Christian dad has made a bad example and he has NO way to properly instruct them back to unadorned ways as, he is a hypocrite. Think it through will you and when in doubt land on God's side of the fence, not your flesh. 


The next area to cover is the addition of things to our dress and what is says about us in Christ. 

Not long ago we were out west and many claimed Christian men and ladies wear these big bright belt buckles to adorn themselves. These things are placed right near "their privates" as they wear tight jeans and the goal is what, "to draw peoples attention". This is NOT good or godly at all! It is a worldly ungodly tradition that God calls His people out of. While these may seem out there if your not a cowboy,  is it really any different when men are wearing jewelry or a flashy anything on their temple to adorn it? No it is the same really. 


Another example would be the habit of placing patriotic or other things on your chest that peoples eyes are drawn to. Why would we as believers want to draw others peoples eyes ( beyond a spouse ) to our body parts? This is NOT godly or biblical. ( see our teaching blog on why patriotism is idolatry )


Even the simple thing of a favorite farm hat takes you down the path of :
1) Hanging worldly things on the temple of God and 

2 ) You have NO way to tell another brother his more serious adorning ways that they are wrong. We are called to walk blameless before God and that can't be done when we bend corners to please the flesh and be like the world. 

Note: a hat for protection ( cold or sun ) can be worn at times but it should not be one that adorns the temple of God! It is always to be removed for prayer or preaching per 1 Cor 11


So we have covered that we men should wear long ( private covering ) loose unadorned clothes at all times when around others. Obviously we can relax those covered standards around a married partner or when we are alone in our homes. (Adorning is never a good or godly on your temple.) This keeps us in what the Word commands us to be, holy ( set apart for God) in all our ways. see 1 Peter 1:15


Finally what we see a lot of as we preach the gospel all over the country is situational dressing. 
Example modern pastors say:
You ladies better wear a dress to the knee ( a man made Baptist standard ) to Sunday meeting but then, they go out into the world and they wear short shorts, tight jeans or go to the beach biblically naked in lewd swimsuits and all is good. I have asked hundreds of modern pastors, is God not out in the world and on the beach too? NOT ONE has ever answered me biblically on this. What more proof do you need they are feminized, unbiblical and hypocrites? I even see church groups covering up ladies for their meetings ( so men/boys can't see them to lust I guess ) then they go and have pool parties all together! Yes it is sad but very true today.  

If we claim God and His Word, we are to cover our temples at all times in public, this includes NOT dressing ungodly at the beach (should Chrisians even go there when others are naked around), the gym (should a Christian go to the gym where others are not dressed either), when running, when cutting grass or any other area when we are in the public eye. Denying your flesh when it is 100 degrees out and NOT putting on cut off shirts or small shorts is part of a persons Romans 12 daily living sacrifice (worship ) to God. I know all about this as I hate the heat and I once took of my clothes as it got hotter. Now, I kill my flesh and I adjust my ways to serve God in purity and as I do sweat, it reminds me of who I am in Christ and how He has changed my heart them my outsides. 

( Going to the gym or beach to be undressed or to see the undressed is NOT godly men! )


Sadly even many groups like the Ind Baptist, Mennonites or other anabaptist's ( who are tough on ladies dress ) think this picture is a biblical dress for men but it is not. It fails the loose/non form showing/hiding private areas aspects of godly dress. ( in person this is especially easy to see it is NOT biblically at all as mens pants and shirts are very often far too tight on then and all tucked in to show off their forms )

In closing , God's Holy Word does not say men are to wear a robe as some will tell me to do. It just does not say it for men as it does for the ladies. ( see our articles with scripture) And I am not saying you need to wear a robe either. What I am saying is we men who claim new life in Him are compelled to meet the spirit of what God intended in clothes going all the way back to Adam. 

Loose, private covering, unadorned, plain clothes 


This picture would be the example of a "spirit meeting proper biblical covering" for men per God's Word. 

God covered people in long loose garments in Genesis ( tunic like ) so when did that ever change we ask again????

Since God gave us men no direct command on dress in the NT Word, this example above meets the spirit of God's instruction in holiness for His people and their clothes in the bible. 

Loose, private covering, unadorned, plain clothes liken to a tunic/robe. 

Note: It would be very hypocritical of me or you to instruct our wives to wear biblical clothing if we disregard the topic and dress as we please.
God hates hypocrisy does he not?


In the end, you do wear clothes right? 


God gave mankind clothes as a sin covering, correct?

 Now ask yourself;
 am I obedient and holy in what clothes I am wearing today?
(or have you followed the culture into the gutter of carnality and nakedness )

If your saying wow bro Jim, I will be very different from the world and all the others around me if I adopt these dress standards. 

Now men, you are getting the point! smiles...
( God always calls His people out for Himself )

Fact: Man made demnominational religion will NOT touch these subjects for men and ladies as it will empty their building they strive to fill up with itchy eared folks to keep the offering plate full. I love you enough to tell the truth, no matter the cost.  

So I as in love, how is your worship of God doing in the area of your dress and clothes Christian men?


Let me know how I can help you?

*** Types of clothes are meaningless unless your truly born of God. See the gospel below and the 10 point test below to examine your faith. 

See all of our biblical resources below to aid you in the 
true and biblical faith/out of man made religion, all for His glory.

God be praised



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